Bengals QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is getting a big head

Literally, this dudes head is huge!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan Fitzpatrick Got A Big Ole Head

Ryan Fitzpatrick Got A Big Ole Head

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  • Bloughmee

    Well, he graduated from Harvard and scored a 49 on the Wonderlic intelligence/personality aptitude test in NINE minutes. (A perfect score is 50- and it’s almost unheard of to finish it, let alone with a near-perfect score in less than 12 minutes.) That would give him an I.Q. of around 177 – so he has a lot of brains to cram into that big skull. However, that’s not necessarily a good thing – I personally believe he over-thinks every single play and is unable to work purely on instinct. That equals poor pass completions and lots of delay-of-game penalties.