7 Points That Got Away, Troy Polamalu Touchdown Video

Well let us just hope we do not need the 7 points that were stolen from us at the end of the Chargers game. It truly was a great play by Troy Polamalu on the botched hook and ladder play by the Chargers on the games final play. Mike Pereira, NFL vice president of officiating, said that an incorrect ruling was made and now the league plans to modify the way it handles such reviews so officials have more flexibility to ensure they make the correct call. That does the Steelers no good right now. Hopefully we will not need those 7 points come playoff time. If you have not seen the play, below is a video of it.


  • Ron

    Yes and I lost 1400 and a sink faucet as I smashed it into a million pieces. I am to the point that Las Vegas should be shut down by the federal government. This is outrages make it right and make all the books pay the Steeler fans who bet. I will guarantee all games forward would be legitate.

  • Jason

    That was the most rediculouse play call I’ve seen in a long time. Polamalu made an amazing play and the refs should be fired for taking it away from him.