Redskins sign cornerback DeAngelo Hall

The Redskins signed cornerback DeAngelo Hall on Friday. Hall was released by Oakland earlier this week.

“DeAngelo wanted a club with a strong defense, a strong coaching staff and a great tradition,” said Hall\’s agent, Joel Segal. “He grew up in Virginia a Redskins fan and he feels he\’s coming home.

In other words , the Steelers did not want or need him. The Steelers had been rumored to have interest, but in the end it was likely just a passing interest. The Steelers are much better off passing on a cancer type player like Hall.

  • Rodney

    I think you are wrong here. He failed in Oakland and with al davis aka bernie from weekend at bernies and he had issues in atlanta at the end. He is like a moss or a to if they are winning he would be amazing. Him and Ike would give troy even more freedom and he would have been cheap. We might have drafted him if he was there for us.