Santonio Holmes OK After Hit By Bengals Crocker – Video

Wide receiver Santonio Holmes says he will be fine after suffering a concussion. Holmes was drilled by Bengals defensive back Chris Crocker. Crocker will likely be fined and the Bengals will consider pay back delivered for the Hines Ward block on rookie linebacker Kieth Rivers in the first meeting. Below is the video of the hit in case you missed it.


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  • One of the biggest hits we’ll see all year.

  • Shouldn’t the title be “Santonio Holmes KOed After Hit By Bengals Crocker”?

    BTW… I doubt it was payback. Crocker’s only been on the Bengals a couple of weeks. If they fine Crocker, they need to go back and fine Ward.

  • ibkibk

    a different view showed wobbly knees when he tried to stand up