Ravens CB Walker Admits Spitting At Steelers P Berger

Ravens backup cornerback Frank Walker acknowledged on Wednesday that he spit in the face of Pittsburgh Steelers punter Mitch Berger, but tried to play it off as an accident.

“It was just a slobber moment,” Walker said today.

With 43 seconds left in Sunday\’s 13-9 loss to the Steelers, Walker got into it with Berger, who was the holder on the extra point after the touchdown. Walker said, Berger was upset when he thought Walker was trying to take out the knee of place kicker Jeff Reed.

Asked if he feels bad that the Steelers thought he did it on purpose, Walker said, “I don\’t care. I hate Pittsburgh.”

Typical Ratbirds.

  • lon-ton

    it sure took a while for him to admit to it. why can’t he just admit that it was intentional, too?

  • Mike L

    If someone is caught spitting on another player he should be immediately tested for performance enhancing drugs. Call it the Romanowski rule.