Steelers HC Mike Tomlin Titans Post Game Press Conference

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin in his post game press conference following the loss to the Tennessee Titans, complimented the Titans on a well played game. Tomlin said the story of the game was missed opportunities on the Steelers part and failing to take care of the football. Tomlin said there are no excuses to be made. Tomlin said health wise the biggest concern was safety Ryan Clark who suffered an upper bod injury according to Tomlin. Other reports are saying it is a shoulder injury and he will fly back with the team and be reevaluated on Monday. Tomlin did not really say if the starters will play much next week versus the Cleveland Browns, only to say it is against Cleveland, referring to it being a rivalry game.

  • Lance Breakiron

    Coach Tomlin mentions “we” quite often when referring to the Steelers turnover troubles. Lets all be very honest here, the correct verbage should be “BIG BEN” himself. Four turnovers all on the quarterback’s shoulder’s! A love him or hate him relationship in Pittsburgh? Well today Steeler nation hates him! Smarten up BEN! Protect the ball at all costs! 40 pass attempts on one game? The one & only way the Steelers lose this year is when the offense turns it over! Back to Steeler’s basics PLEASE!

  • Tino Orsini

    Lance that is right on! Some times the Steelers play calling stategy is undisciplined in how it gets away from a balanced attack. All that passing by the Steelers allows the opposing defense to stay focused on rushing the quarterback.

    This offense must execute running plays. Many of the traps and draws today were run so slow that uncovered defensive linemen were able to catch Parker in the back field. (Parker was missing holes too.)

  • Dan

    It may be Ben at times and it may not. We win or lose with that style… in regards to Mike Tomlin, I appreciate his style more and more. He is respectful and very aware of his team and his opponents. I think that ultimately leads him to understanding these teams better. We may see the Titans again and when we do, I imagine the Steelers will want some payback, especially with that video of Lendale White; talk about a ROOKIE mistake. Never get the Steelers defense another excuse to make a statement! It will be a whole new attitude in the playoffs, starting with an old-fashioned whooping of Cleveland with our offense geered up!!!! Go Steelers and Steeler nation. Happy Holidays!

  • jeff

    As an armchair QB, I must say, something is not correct w/ the O. It is a VERY predictable O, from a play call perspective, and accounts, on many occasions, for opposing D’s looking better than they are.

    Rollouts, reverses, halfback options, TWO back, even THREE back formations, flea flickers, middle, left, and right screens, fake screens, all done on RANDOM downs will send a little more shiver into opposing D’s. Cleveland would be the perfect place to DO these?

    Then there is the Big B problem. Is there some kind of drill for a QB that counts 1,2,3 throw, run, or throw away; count 3, three choices. The fourth choice of standing there looking stupid needs coached back out of him.