What\’s With The Lamp? – Steelers NFL Shop Commercial

Here is the commercial playing almost every Sunday from NFL Shop. It shows a Steeler house decked out in all kinds of Steelers merchandise and memorabilia until they get to the plain lamp. Then the screen reads: “What\’s with the lamp? Brilliant commercial and nicely done.


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  • John D De Martini

    I phoned Ty Ryan at Steelers on 22 Sep 2009 re: the tenor, composer, and music used in Steelers lamp commercial. No reply as of yet from him.

    Please let me know who the tenor was, the composer, and the music used in that commercial. If you do not have that information please refer me to a place where that information can be found.

    Thank you. John D De Martini

    PS I have been a Steelers fan since before Terry Bradshaw’s great career. Also Mr Rooney demonstrated what a gentleman and class act are — full of honesty and integrity.

  • John D De Martini

    Verdi’s Aida aria Celeste Aida – thanks. But who is the tenor???? singing the aria!