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Steelers Super Bowl Media Day Hat

Below is the same hat the Steelers players were wearing during the Super Bowl media day interviews and press conferences.

Steelers Media Day Draft Day Hat

[phpbay]REEBOK PITTSBURGH STEELERS Super Bowl 43 Sideline Hat, 5, “”, “”[/phpbay]

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  • kapgar

    Just so you know, the link above goes to a dead search. They don’t have that hat listed any longer and I’m pissed about it because I wanted to order one. If you know of another place selling the media day hat, please let me know.

  • Liss

    How in the world do I buy the Media Day Hat? I can’t find it ANYWHERE!

  • Paul

    Me too I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find it. I really like that hat any help would be appreciated. I find it a but it did not have the Super Bowl logo on the side

  • Billy

    I am anxiously awaiting somebody selling this hat…

  • Neil

    I can’t believe the color of the champ hat. Who designed it the Seahawks equipment mgr.I’ve looked everywhere here in NY,for the media day hat.If anyone finds where I can get one pls e-mail me thx.

  • Jeff Irondude

    i want one of these hats too, really bad. I am also very disapointed. The colors of the Super Bowl Hats are dumb, for sure!

  • Jeff Irondude

    Lids has the hat but without the Super Bowl logo

  • Paul

    Based on what I heard from the Pittsburgh Fan shop these are going to be the 09 Draft Day caps and should be availables sometime in Mar, but again w/o the super bowl logo on the side, bummer

  • Marc

    my dads boss went to the game and the only place selling these was the super bowl store in tampa, until the draft hats come out that is.

  • Marc

    i found where to buy the hat on the LIDS hat website. but it sucks because there is no super bowl XLIII logo on the side. still a sweet hat but needs logo for sure

  • Billy

    Incase any body hits this post again… these are now on sale at WITH the XLIII logo on the side!

  • Dale

    I looked on the site and these were not there. Anybody else have any luck?

  • Steely Dan

    I went on today – you can find the hat by going to the Steelers section – it IS NOT in the Superbowl Champs section. HOWEVER, when you go to try to order one, it won’t let you. If you cut and paste the title of the hat and google it you will find tons of places that sell it. HOWEVER, the same problem, can’t order it. I am assuming it is out of stock, or not yet produced. Maybe it will happen in the next few days or weeks? Can anyone provide a definitive answer?

  • John

    I have been watching this hat since the Super Bowl. A week after the win, they had some at the Pittsburgh Steelers Sideline store at Hienz Field but only had the S/M size. I was able to order one yesterday from My guess it was a return or something, because I tried to order another one and it wouldn’t let me. I think the demand for this hat is increasing and I wonder if it is just not out there to see how many hits they are getting on it to determine if they should produce more. The hat will be produced again soon without the SB43 logo. Good Luck. If you are seriously interested, keep trying to order it and maybe it will send the NFL a message to produce more.

  • Steely Dan

    ….and now today the hat has been taken off….

  • John

    Well…it looks like I got lucky. Mine is actually shipping and will be here next week. NFLshop now has the ones without the logo available for sale in mens, womens, and youth.

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