Video Of Phoenix Mayor Blowing Nose On Terrible Towel

Video of Phoenix mayor, Phil Gordon, blowing his nose into a Terrible Towel and then throwing it on the ground at a send-off rally for the Cardinals in Phoenix on Monday. Before hand, the Cardinals\’ mascot used the Terrible Towel to wipe his furry armpits before the mayor sneezed and stomped on it.

[flv: 480 368]

  • lon-ton

    here’s the mayor’s response. . .

    Mayor Phil Gordon said, “At no time did anyone intend, in any way, to offend the Steelers organization and their many fans, supporters and traditions.”

    i love when people like him or jeff fisher say that the actions of disgracing the towel weren’t meant to offend. it’s like “i know this is a symbol of the city, team, and its fans, so i’m going to pretend to wipe my pits, wipe my nose, and then throw it away, but not in a disrespectful way.”

    isn’t disrespect the whole point of their actions? it’s obviously not pro-cardinals, it’s anti-steelers.