Picture Of Santonio Holmes With 2 Two Feet Down For Touchdown

Two Feet Down

Two Feet Down

This should put to rest the fact that Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes did indeed have two feet down in the endzone for the winning touchdown catch in Super Bowl 43 versus the Arizona Cardinals.

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Feet Down Zoom

Feet Down Zoom

Below is another zoom shot of this picture here:

More Santonio Holmes Two Feet Down

More Santonio Holmes Two Feet Down

  • Tim DeMoss

    Nice shot in that it shows at one point he had both feet down, but ultimately this confirms nothing because you don’t know if he had control of the ball at this point. You need a profile shot that shows both him controlling the ball AND both feet down. Such a shot may not exist. With the 476 billion dollars the NFL generates each year, you’d think they’d invest in a camera system that would capture many more angles than they do…

  • admin

    All you need to do is watch the video progression of the play to see where this still picture comes from in the time line. It firmly shows that at this shot in time, Holmes had possession of the ball and the picture posted shows both feet down.

  • Randy

    He was in. Period! I was rooting for Arizona, but he was in.

  • john

    ok good pic thanks for posting. I wondered if both were fown and this shows they were! as far as the control-he never bobbled and he had 2 hands on the ball TOUCHDOWN!

  • Victor

    The second picture is a Photo Shop touch up if I ever saw one and the post above is correct in noting that the first picture can not determine control of the ball. It was a great catch, but I believe every angle that was shown on TV determined that it was not a touchdown.

  • admin

    Victor, I invite you to take the first picture and use the zoom tool. You will get the same output that I got. Keep reaching.

  • The pics are in complete contrast to the video and pictures on SI. The video clearly shows Holmes right foot was on top of the left foot and could not have touched the ground unless his right foot was larger than his left. All of this shows the way touchdowns are scored are wrong. A touchdown should only count when the ball is fully placed on the ground in the box, No more imaginary lines, planes or feet. To score a touchdown in the future should require the ball be placed on the ground in the box. We need to get away from video calls and refs being more important to the game than the players.

  • Aditya

    Clear in. I have no clue why the even reviewed the catch. It was just to waist people’s time…Te ref called it right the first time. Why a review??????????????????????????????????????? CLEAR TOUCHDOWN!


  • Mr. Retardo

    Now that the STEELERS have won 6 Super Bowl titles can we strip the nickname “America’s Team” from that poser, wanna be team from Dallas, TX???

  • Stephen

    Can you tell me where you got this pic? I am haunted by this. I love the Steelers and I really want this TD to be legitimate. Especially since there were some calls that went our way that maybe shouldn’t have…

  • Al

    I don’t know why everybody is so concerned with this play. The play that won the Steelers the game was the refs terrible call of ruffing the holder that led to the touchdown instead of a field goal. I mean come on! What the hell was that?

  • Keith Housewright

    America’s team? That would be the San Francisco 49ers. I realize the ‘niners have gone 14 years without a Super Bowl win, but then again they only play in those games that they WIN. The 49ers have never lost one, 5-0. The Stealers? Hey, Dallas beat them back in 1996. At least the 49ers have never gone 25 years without winning a Super Bowl once they started winning, like the Stealers did from 1980 to 2005! Heck, the Stealers did not even win this one, considering that Harrison did not score and despite this fake photo, Holmes did not score. Oh well, more boring Stealers football in the future I suppose, you know, defense (In a division where ANYONE would have a great defense, considering the opposition) and running and yawn…a half-a-s-s QB.

    Have a nice day.

  • Keith Housewright

    Gee, who WAS winning all those SuperBowls from 1980 to 2005? That is right, America’s team, the 49ers. Not one of the Stealers teams from the ’70s nor any from this decade could beat either the 1984 ‘niners, the 1988 or 89 ‘niners or the best 49er team of all, in 1994. It is a shame that Dallas beat the ‘niner’s in 1995, or the 49ers could have crushed the Stealers like Dallas did. By the way, Stealers fans, thanks for that goofy Rooney family and their support of Obama and leftists everywhere. How does it feel knowing that your owner supports a guy who cannot wait to cut and run.

  • Tony

    Are people actually insinuating that the picture was photoshopped?

    Holy shit, it was a touchdown. The picture clearly shows both feet touching the ground. The only way the picture shows no feet touching the ground is if Santonio’s right foot has all of its toes amputated. The curve of the foot is invisible because it’s obscured by some of the turf being higher than it. That means part of his foot is lower than the turf level.

    And if you sync it up with a vid, you can see that he has firm control of the ball before anyone makes contact with him. That picture is taken at the instant someone makes contact with him.

  • Shawn

    people forget there are stages of a play – there is movement. there will be a shot where one or both feet are up. Dude – he JUMPED. The question is, was there ever a point where he got them down. This shows he did.

  • spb

    Holmes caught and controlled the ball (“stuck it”, as parlance goes for a reception that is possessed on arrival) with both arms ABOVE his head and the defender closing. this still is clearly AFTER that, with Francisco either making contact, or just about to, and Holmes tucking the ball. UNLESS the “original” photo is altered, it’s definitive (not that it really matters) and should silence any rational person, regardless of rooting interest. frankly, I’d like to know where it came from. there should certainly be other pics that show it as clearly.

    in response to comments about right feet being longer than left feet, I’ll just say that people aren’t stick figures. they flex, bend, they have ankles, joints, etc. plus it’s quite obvious that Holmes left foot was angled inward, not parallel at all with his right, which was extended in a more elongated point. there’s no doubt that it was raised over his left……..AS HE CONTINUED TO THE GROUND. I think that’s what some people are obsessing over.

  • Chris

    Hey Al,

    I dont know what game you were watching but after the roughing the holder call on the field goal attempt, they still only scored a field goal buddy. Arizona’s D saved Adrian Wilson on that one. Go drink another one

  • Stephen

    check out this group of photos. move backwards to get to the TD pic quickest. I think this photo looks pretty convincing that both feet touched…


  • Tom

    Would anyone like to see another angle that was not shown that clearly shows both feet down with ball clearly in Santonio’s hand. Its a good picture becuase it shows the progression of the play a split second before the picture at the top of this website and clearly before anyone even gets a hand on him.


    Undesputible touchdown

  • spb

    I’d say that photo from the USA Today set was snapped a millisecond after the one above was taken. I think Francisco is even further “into” Holmes in it and that Santonio’s right foot has already started to rise from its tap, though contact with the ground is likely still taking place.

  • SixSteelersRings

    Keith Housewright,

    Since you want to talk politics …

    How does it feel to have your “war hero” shot out of the sky by a lowly community organizer? And to have his butt beat all over the electoral map? And to have your party fleeced in congress AGAIN? And have them marginalized to where they’re ALMOST as popular as a leper colony? And to see conservativism be about as appealing as proctology?

    Yeah .. that’s what I thought!

    How does it feel to have a political party and ideology that’s even LESS relevant than your football team?

    Yeah .. that’s what I thought!

    And how does it feel to have your other hero as the president who CUT AND RAN out of Beirut under the cover of darkness after 241 marines got blown apart in their barracks? Helped enable and train the forefathers of the very terrorists that are killing our soldiers now? And then died from the very disease he cut funding for?

    Yeah .. that’s what I thought!

    And how does it feel after you pull your skirt down and paint your nails wuss?

    Be sure to let us know …

    Or you can go refill your sippy cup, come back, and CRY some more on this thread!

  • guest

    conveniently not showing him with possession with the ball. irrelevant picture

  • Cardinal’s Rock

    It’s Okay for the Steelers to HOLD, It’s okay for the Steelers to facemask, it’s okay for the Steelers to clip three times on the same play, the refs had it out for the Cards the whole game….and yet you all were shixxing your pants when we went up 23-20 and I’ll cry all I want being a 15 year season ticket holder!

  • Rich

    I love reading the Cardinal crybaby bitches moaning and groaning. Face it, dudes–you got whipped by the greatest football team in the NFL. Steelers 6 Super Bowl victories. Cardinals? Zilch. Buh-bye.

  • Gorbach

    I never thought I’d see more whining than what we heard from the Seahawks fans. I guess this is what you get when a historically unsuccessful team makes it to a big game and loses, they blame the refs. Bandwagon fans know squat about football.

  • Baba Ghanoush

    I’d hardly call a 27-23 score getting “whipped”. lol

    I didn’t have a dog in this fight, but I think it’s painfully obvious that the steelers got a lot more breaks by the refs than the cards did. however, one could also argue that there were a couple costly penalties by arizona that they have nobody to blame but themselves for.

  • Kris

    I am not a cardinals or steelers fan, but as many have realized the steelers played dirty the hole game. It was disturbing to see a team like pittsburgh win a non earned super bowl championshi by beating a cardinals player every 4 plays. I wont ignore that the cardinals helped the steelers by commiting stupid holding penalties either. The so called game winning catch is debatable personally the picture is not valid because we cant be sure whether he had control of the ball or not. One foot could be on top of the other.

  • I recorded the game and with the new technology with Dish network with the pause and slow motion Holmes feet were both in but he did not have the ball. When he finally had control only one foot was in with the other up. Bad break for the cardinals.

  • Steelers Fan

    I live in Az and im a huge Steelers Fan. So I have been getting greif all week long. As far as the TD catch gose the Ref. had a good view of the ball and made the call that it was a touchdown the only thing they wher reviewing was the placement of his feet and from the looks of this pic I say TOUCHDOWN Sorry Cards Fans u loose.

  • Paul

    Baba Ganoush…

    they got whipped…. of Warner’s 377yds should have an asterisk next to it..

    14 of 19 for 224 yards in the 4th qtr (against a VERY SOFT DIME/PREVENT defense (we only rushed 4 most of it)… which basically means Arizona O did two things the rest of the game… jack and sh*t.

  • Paul

    and Mike… he had control the second it hit his hands, it never moved… grow up… you lost…good luck next season.

  • Lance

    He never lost possesion of the ball. Watch the video. Two hands, two feet, perfect catch. I guess we’re going to have to hear about this all year until you jealous teams find another reason to make excuses for losing. Card fans are just like any other losers.

  • Tony Phoenix

    the officiating sucked big time in that game. I lost count of how many garbage calls went against the Cards. Bottom line though, the Cards had the game won and couldn’t hold them. Ben did a great job. I’m still not sure that Holmes was in, but believed they would have scored anyway. Also, the Cards got screwed on the last play, when the call should have been reviewed. Even you bandwagon, frontrunning, sack of conceited shit Steeler fans had to feel cheated not to see that hail mary leave Warner’s hands and have a jump for it. The ref’s played way too much of a part in this victory for the Steeler’s, just like 3 years ago. Try being a Cards fan if you want to see what true fans are. We don’t have a team that goes to the Super bowl twice a decade. How easy it is to root for a winner. Shove your terrible towels up your asses. I hope this team doesn’t see another Super Bowl for a long time.

  • John

    bullshit touchdown

  • Mitchell

    I was rooting for the Cardinals, but the order was clear:
    1. Ball was thrown
    2. Holmes caught the ball with both hands (no boggling) while it was above his head.
    3. He tucked it into his chest (again, no boggling) as he was pushed out.
    This photo shows both feet in, and the ball is out of sight. Therefore, at this point, the ball was being tucked into Holmes’ chest. This means Holmes already had possession when this photo was taken, and you can clearly see even in the non-zoomed image that Holmes had both feet in at this point.

  • Doug

    hey Steven. Dont forget the many calls that went Arizona way. Holding in the end zone for safety. the non called holds of Harrison all night long, the non called hold on polamalu in 4th qtr (during arizona go ahead score…..the list goes on pal. Steelers overcame and won the game. Be Happy

  • Doug

    Al, the call was unneccesary roughness. The whole world knows that it was a cheap shot. You just dont deck a holder like that (defenseless holder at that). But then again coming from a whinning crybaby Arizona Fan, its no wonder

  • Bryan

    Holmes’s right foot is 100% NOT TOUCHING THE GROUND. It is NOT a touchdown. Ignorant Pittsburgh fans open your eyes. False Super Bowl win forever.

    I’m not a Cardinals fan for the record.

  • Mrpush

    Hi guys, this is really easy. Take the picture above, and see that the defender just touched Holmes’ back with his hand.

    Now go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swvm8bZ009k
    About just at the half-way mark through this video see the shot where the camera is pointed at Holmes’ chest.

    Right when the defender touches his back, he ALREADY HAD possession of the ball and maintains it to the ground.

    I’d say this ABSOLUTELY confirms everything.


  • Mr. Retardo

    WWWAAAAAAAA!!!! The Steelers won another Super Bowl, wwwwaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

    It’s just too damn funny to see all the cry babies.

  • Er

    He was being pushed out anyway. Even if all they had was the pic of the right foot 2″ off the ground, he was in the process of being shoved out of bounds while in the air and would have come straight down otherwise.

  • SPT

    Let the bitches hate. It’s the same reason everyone hates the Patriots, because they are good. The losers always cry about the calls. Its goes back to the beginning of time. When you lose, you look for everyone to blame but yourself. Jealousy is a very strong emotion.

  • J.D.

    That’s fine. It definitely was a touchdown. Now, show me a picture of Santonio Holmes’ TD celebration using the ball as a prop, and the lack of the flag that, by rule, is automatic at that point.

    Nothing to do with jealousy. Everything to do with how awful the officiating is. Had this happened the other way around, Steelers fans would be pissed off, and rightfully so.

    Not cheering for one team or another. Just wish they’d have gotten things correct.

  • Sheesh

    1. 49er fans, get over yourselves. You had a great run for about 15 years and haven’t done jack since. You are not America’s team! You are just jealous! But I do hope Singletary revives you guys as I (being from Chi-Town) Love the guy!
    2. Bottom line on the TD Catch is the Ref called it how he saw it, and there was NOT indisputable evidence to over turn the call. According to the rules……TD!
    3. The refs certainly didn’t let Holmes get wide open down the side line for a pick up of 45 yrds. The Refs certainly didn’t help Ben escape the Cardinal pass rush. A few ticky tacky calls, sure! But there were quite a few holding penalties on both teams that were ignored. Ref’s are people, they aren’t perfect
    4. Let’s say they didn’t call it a TD, whose to say the Steelers wouldn’t have scored on 3rd down?? Ok, then a FG and overtime comes into play…who knows what would have happened then. Nobody does!
    5. Ask the 01 Rams and the 01 Steelers how they felt about the Patriots video taping them? Oh wait they put that to rest, because you can’t change the past. They aren’t making excuses.
    6. This conversation could go on and on and on, but the fact remains the game is over and the Steelers have been declared the winner.

    WAH WAH WAH…..Everyone always crys when things don’t go their way. When is someone gonna just say..congrats Steelers on #6, Cards congrats on a great playoff run. Fitz – you are amazing, get back there next year.

    Come on people grow up and let it go, it was a great Super Bowl. Either team could have won and both teams are class acts in my book.

  • SPT

    How about if I show you 10 holding penalties they could have called on James Harrison that they didn’t call? I’ll cue that up with the “ball as a prop” penalty. At least using the ball as a prop doesn’t help you from getting your QB sacked.

  • shirk

    You should all get a life!- none of you won, none of you lost- ya’all act like you played the game.

  • lou

    How about this? To avoid all controversy in the game, chips or “paint” can be put on the ball or in shoes or whatever. Plus the lines of the field can be marked too. Then when the refs need to get the call right, they can just have a computer figure it with some kind of technology or whatever.

    Alrighty….let’s make that happen Mr. Spock.

    Oh, and GOOOOOOOO STEELERS!!!!!!!!


    I too would like to complain about the officiating. Watch the tape! James Harrison got held on EVERY SINGLE play!!! Did they call it? Only about 3 times! Justin Hartwig was beaten and FALLING DOWN when he got called for holding AFTER Holmes made the first down catch! And let’s play the what if game that Cards fans so like to play.
    What if – Ben hadn’t gotten in on the first TD (4 more points)
    What if – Washington makes that catch in the endzone. (7 pts)
    What if – Steelers convert in red zone TWICE. (8 more pts)
    What if – Ike and Troy don’t drop interceptions (who knows 14 more pts)
    I see why we like to play the what if game, it’s fun!
    I would tell the Cards to “act like you’ve been there before” but that’s part of the problem – they don’t know how.
    It’s ok. You’re not used to being a successful franchise. You’ll learn. Hopefully someday you’ll learn to have some class. Unfortunately, by that time, you’ll all be on a different bandwagon. Fair well fairweathers!

  • StealerChris

    I love the fact that you and every other Stealer fan have to justify “another” world title. I wonder if Pereira was in Costa Rica on Monday?

  • steve

    I think his right foot came up BEFORE he had control of the ball.

  • #75forever

    To all the Card, 49er, and Cowgirl fans – eat a big donkey schlong!! We won get over it and no I am not a “band wagoner” been a Steelers fan for 30 years – so yeah I remember the Bubby Brister days. Holmes was in for the touchdown and the Cards will be losers for another 60 years.
    And to the people that say the Steelers got all the calls their way? What about when Larry Fitzgerald ran illegally down 15 yards out of bounds to make the tackle on Harrison? What about Antrelle Rolle even being in his way? No flags for those either.
    Face it, the Cards were out played, it happens (Neil O’Donnell forgot what friggin color his jersey was for us once).
    Bottom line the Steelers are not cheaters like the Patsies, not pretty boys like the 99ers or Cowgirls, no they just get the job done. Like Coach Tomlin said – it aint always pretty but it works.

  • Joe

    wakeup, the Steelers have been in the top ranks in defense since the early 70’s and everone knows defense wins championships. The Steeler Nation consists of true fans. All home games have been sold out since 1973 and there is along waiting list for season ticket. Most away games usually has a large contingent of Steeler fans. Pittsburgh is one of the smallest markets in the NFL be can fill home and away stadiums. That is what winning does for a fanchise that is extremely successful. Dungy, Ditka, Wizenhunt, Grimm, and many many others have been a part of this storied franchise. Coaches coach, Players play, Referees officiate, some win and some lose that is why they play the game, it is the same for everyone.

  • wvmike

    The photo’s show it was a good catch, a great catch really. Quit the whining. Yeah, there were blown calls on both sides, that’s football. Kudo’s to Arizona for playing a great game (and beating the point spread). Too bad with all their free agents (and Warner practically retiring on the field)they will go back to being forgotten next season.

    The Steelers played through the toughest schedule out there and came out on top. And they’ll get to 7 or 8 before 49’ers or Cowboys see another. Grats!

  • wvmike

    In case this is STILL disputed, look at http://www.steelersdepot.com/2009/02/video-of-steelers-wr-santonio-holmes-super-bowl-43-touchdown-catch/ 18 sec into the video Holmes has possession of the ball with no bobbling and with no contact from the defender. He tucks the ball and is contacted at 20 sec, with both feet in bounds. The circulated picture showing the right foot up was clearly taken after this point by the angle of the fall.

  • Stephen

    Thanks, Doug.

    Yeah, there were some pretty lame calls against us too. I am just so sick of having to put up with this. It was the same when we beat Seattle. As much as I loved this game for all its excitement and drama, I really hope that if we are lucky enough to get back to the big one we win by 40 dang points! 🙂

  • SixSteelersRings

    Tony Phoenix,

    “Also, the Cards got screwed on the last play, when the call should have been reviewed.”

    Hey douchebag … the call WAS reviewed as can be found here:


    You just lost all credibility by assuming shit you didn’t bother to check out beforehand.

    Now save some tears for next year, when your team is reduced to irrelevancy again.

  • Tony Phoenix

    If it was so conclusive, why are so many sportswriters and fans still talking about it? I read what Peter King said in the article, and he thought it was “really close”. He also thought that McCauley should have been able to have a look at it. That was the main point I was looking at all along. It was too important a call to make in even 90 seconds. What a finish it would have been to see that ball fly into the end zone. We all got cheated out of a great finish. I’ll say the same thing I told all of my Cards friends. After all the shit that went against us, we had the lead with 2 minutes and change left in the 4th quarter and couldn’t hold them. Ben is a warrior and deserves kudos for a great drive. The Cards defense blew it. The best evidence of what a great game it was is that we are all still talking about it and I am lowering myself to explain this to a penis named “SixSteelersRings. I guess if I had to live in a shithole like Pittsburgh, my life would probably revolve around a football team too.

  • Ben

    People are blowing this whole thing out of proportion. He obviously had both feet in and control throughout the catch. Cardinal fans are just trying to make excuses and say “they got robbed.” It’s not like anything can be done now anyway.

  • Andy

    You Cardinals and/or conspiracy fans keep crying, keep complaining. It amazes me that even when a call is reviewed and upheld, you still seem to think they were wrong. Must be a league conspiracy! The NFL wanted the Steelers to win! Seriously just shut your pie hole. The game is over, the Steelers won…and the Cardinals will NEVER win a Super Bowl.

  • #75forever

    Tony from Phoenix:
    A lot of Steeler fans don’t live in Pittsburgh – did you happen to see the Super Bowls the Steelers have won? Do you really think all those fans came from Pittsburgh? That shows the level of intelligence of Curd fans. Speaking of shitholes isn’t Phoenix lovely? A place where even grass is forced to live and the average age of the populations is what 70? Yeah, I am sure no one here would prefer Pittsburgh (a place known for hard work and determination) to Phoenix (a place known for what again? – besides “a good place to dry up and die, you’ll be well preserved!!”)

  • PittsburghBill

    Tony Phoenix – U R A bitch you f’n crybaby. Phoenix did not have as high a percentage of viewers as did Ogden Utah you A-Hole. How does that make Red birdy fans better than Steeler fans?

    The game is over and you lost! Fair and square! Nobody is bitching about the blatant hold on Polamalu that was not called and kept your freaking drive alive in the 4th. Hines Ward gets punched in the face by a Card with no flag in the 1st qtr. Quit trying to blame the refs. A team with cast offs like Clark Haggans, Jerame Tuman, etc. will get it’s collective ass kicked every time by the team that jettisoned those players and replaced them with bettr talent. i.e., Lawrence Timmons and Larry Foote for Haggans, Heath Miller and Matt Spaeth for Tuman…

    I respected the Cards before the game…now I can’t stand you candy assed crying little bitches! I thought the Seahawk fans were crying little slices but you guys take the cake. Losers!

  • PittsburghBill

    Tony Fagnix – The Steelers and refs. cheated for the Steelers. The fans were cheated out of a great finish. How about some responsibility and admit no one cheated anyone. Your defense could not stop Ben and the boys. They started out with a 10 yard holding penalty but got down and scored anyway. Your QB lost the fumble when your O line broke down in protection. There was a penalty on the play and the review official looked at it three times and determined the correct call was made and no official review was warranted. That is from the commissioner. Oh thats right, he is probably in on the conspiracy to screw the Cadinals out of a win and give it to the Steelers. My bad you jagov.

  • PittsburghBill

    One more thing….Why are you on here if your shitty life does not revolve around a football team? Also, how does a city like Pittsburgh keep a team all these years and your wonderful town has to get a vagrant, homeless organization like the Chicago, er I man St. Louis, er um i mean Pheonix Cardinals? And Nielson ratings out of Penix lower than Ogden Utah! Yeah, tell us what great fans are made of guru. Avian flu anyone?

    I will make you a deal. We exchange real names and addresses and arrange an in person meeting. Im in if you are.

  • Rudy

    There is a Super Bowl trophy in Sixburgh that proves that his feet were down and he had control of the ball!

  • Jimsical

    PHOTOSHOP! Completely contradicts previous photos and the live version that I SAW WITH MY OWN EYES that his right foot was ON TOP of the left.

  • NO CATCH!!!

  • Jeff

    The fact that people think this is not a catch, proves the stupidity of people. 2 feet tap the ground, ball in hands, touchdown. Arizona had 3 guys in the area, there is no push out rule in NFL. Instead of crying your guys failed to make a play, be upset at your team. Alos when will Warner get a 15 yd penalty after taking off his helmet while on the field, to argue with a ref about a call, steelers take off helmet after winning the game, 15 yd penalty called. Calls went both ways. Great game, Steelers victory. Non steelers nation criers, go home to where ever it is you call home. If you are crying, grow up and become like STEELER NATION, a champion.

  • Tony Phoenix

    Didn’t any of you morons read the part of my email where I said that Ben was a warrior and that our defense couldn’t stop them? The part where I said that I told all my friends out here that we blew it? BTW, old people dominated this place in the 70’s. Phoenix has been the largest growing city in the southwest for the past 10 years, by luring business and a lot of young and middle aged easterners and midwesterners. It’s the weather! I’m originally from Jersey, a bigger shithole than Pittsburgh. Do me a favor, all of you. Don’t cherry pick my emails and put words in my mouth. I enjoy the banter and getting a rise out of a few of you jackasses. Pittsburgh Bill: why are you taking this personally. What, do you wish to kick my ass because you don’t agree with me? Are we 10 years old? Let me put it into perspective for you. You guys won and we didn’t. Cards fans will have to relive this game forever i.e. Buffalo “wide right”, Pat’s “David Tyree”, Cowboys “Jackie Smith” drop in the endzone. BTW, I rooted for the Steelers in that game. I don’t hate the team. I have to admit, it’s kind of funny seeing you idiots get so pissed. You won the game morons! Why do you care what I think? In case you do, I got onto this site via Google to look harder at the catch by Holmes. I said it then and I’ll say it now. He was in and it was a hell of a grab. Cool your jets Steeler fan.

  • Tony Phoenix

    BTW Pittsburgh Bill. Phoenix is spelled P-H-O-E-N-I-X. Dog is D-O-G and cat is C-A-T. I hope that helps.

  • Cardinal_Chick

    While I was adamant that Holmes did not get both feet in, after further investigation, he apparently did. I do agree with another commenter that the NFL needs to upgrade its camera system as well as overhauling the referees (but the latter is another topic.)

    It is very obvious that the Cardinals outplayed Pittsburgh in the 1st and 4th quarters, not to mention the fact that it was painfully obvious who the referees wanted to win. Therefore, the controversy exists due to the abundant bias in those who are supposed to not have any.

    I have issue with the fact that the last “fumble” by Kurt Warner was not reviewed as it was obviously an incomplete forward pass.

    The reason, in my opinion, for all of the controversy is the overwhelming arrogance of Steelers fans; which is why I truly cannot stand the team, and rank them up there with Denver, New England, and Dallas as possessing the cream of the crop in classless fans.

  • prahd2bStillersFan

    I have just read each previous comment. We’re all over the ballpark on the original topic as to whether or not Holmes was in bounds.

    So first things first.

    There’s no doubt some Cards fans would rather it to be a bad call to help justify or give solace in their loss, and that we Steelers fans want it to be a correct call to validate their victory.

    Hopefully, in the end we should all want the same thing. The truth of the matter.

    There are alot of still shots that only show Holmes’ feet at various stages. Of course, they are irrelevant. The ones like the first picture at this site are the type that are neccessary to make any fair conclusion– ball position along with feet position.

    When you combine the corresponding video from all angles with the photos that show both ball position and feet in relation to the approaching defender, you can see two things:

    1. It was an incredidble and amazingly close play –and–

    2. It was an even more incredibly amazing touchdown.

    As others have alluded to, if that was a bogus touchdown, the sheen would cleary have been taken off of one of, if not the greatest of super bowl games yet played.

    But based on some other posts by Cards fans elsewhere only showing pics of Holmes feet after he was hit and falling out of bounds, I was beginning to question what my eyes saw live and preparing my self in the name of sportsmanship to say the refs got it wrong, if, indeed, that is where the facts led. Nobody should want to defend or justify or be part of falsehood.

    Thankfully for the integrity of this classic game, and because of the abundance of video and stills available, this call can, does, and will stand up to the close scrutiny it deserves.

    Some die hards not be willing accept this yet. Understandably so. Give them time. How many of us Steelers fans can forget how we felt in the aftermath of Super Bowl XXX? After beating the Cowboys statistically in every category (except for turnovers)only to come up short where it counted the most–the final score.

    Admit it– didn’t we want to believe Neil O’Donnell threw the game? How else could we explain what was inexplicable? Two perfect throws to the wrong colored jersey’s– the last one during the possible game winning drive?

    It absolutly had to be something more sinister than what met the eye. Some Jerry Jones led ace in the hole plot to steal the game away.

    Just like Holmgren is still blaming the refs for his teams failures and shortcomings in SB XL, some Cards fans will feel the need to do the same til they come to grips with a tough loss.

    But while you do, Cards fans, consider this.

    Before you too go insane with the ref conspiracy theories, when you get a chance, take a closer look at Fitzgeralds first touchdown catch.

    On the TV shots the ball was obscured by his body position, but one of the NFL films has a great shot of Fitz going up and pinning the ball between one hand, and his forearm as we all saw. However, when he comes down, the ball hits the ground, and THEN SLIGHTLY MOVES between his hand and forearm before he rolls and secures it with two hands. Technically, by the letter of the law, a ball can touch the ground, but you must have it secured. It cannot move. It did. It should have been ruled a “no catch”.

    Think about that.

    So while you’re tempted to bash the refs for calling the game they saw–you might also want to thank them for not calling what we only later could see.

    Lastly, to my Steeler Nation brethren– let me digress.

    We have been blessed with outrageous fortune with our favorite team.

    –The Rooney’s have provided state of the league ownership with class and integrity.

    –The last 40 years have provided unequalled stability at the head coaching position.

    –A litany of hall of fame players, many of whom defined their positions, including arguably the greatest collection of players on one team during their run in the 70’s.

    –Legendary games and signature plays that are part of NFL lore.

    We have joyfully exulted in victorious fantastic finishes, and painfully agonized through the despair of devastating losses.

    Through it all, we have identified with our favorite team through the common bond of shared and time tested values such as hard work, commitment, loyalty and dedication.

    These values have appealed to football fans across the nation and world-wide, leading to an unparalleled fan base that supports its team and their travels like none other.

    In light of all of this, let’s continue to represent the class of the NFL with the same attitude and class their present coach has insisted upon– humility in their present successes; hungry for greater success.

    Let others be the arrogant.
    Let others be the ignorant.
    In the end, they become irrelevant.
    We are blessed to be Steelers fans.

  • Tony Phoenix

    To prahd2beSteelersfan,
    By far the most gracious and literal of all the comments posted so far. You do understand how blessed you have been to be there so many times and not take it for granted. You also don’t have a big head about it. You understand how easy it is to root for a front runner. Believe me, I wish I was born to a different fate. Being a transplant from Jersey, I love the Jets and Cards. Two very hard teams to stomach, if you are looking for a team who wins anything. It’s like one year of disappointment after another. This is something that Steelers fans really can’t have the capacity to grasp. Yeah, I know that there have been stretches where you guys haven’t won anything for a few years, but you can’t possibly understand the heartache felt by other teams. Steeler fans are great and get the gravity of their legacy in the sport. I believe that Packer fans are similar in that regard. Cowboy fans are fickle bandwagon jumpers, who let go of the wagon when the sledding gets a little tough. That’s why their fans and team couldn’t hold the jocks of Steeler fans and alumni. I hope that the Cards have begun to forge a similar legacy to their fans, with the stigma of being perennial losers finally erased. I told all my Cards friends that the attitude would change 2 years ago, when we acquired Whis and Grimm from the Steelers staff. My reasoning was because they brought the Steelers attitude of never giving up and winning at all costs to an organization which had never done either. If this Super Bowl showed the world anything, it was that we have finally gotten both things down. We weren’t even supposed to be there. We came back from the dead after a devastating play at the end of the first half, and never quit. We were 2 minutes and change away from beating a great team and pulling off what seemed impossible. We were beaten by a team that just wanted it more and pulled off one of the great drives in Super Bowl history to get it done. There was no loser in that game. Time to move on.

  • cardfan

    Does anyone remember that Steelers and Cardinals used to play together. Why can’t both temas get along. I ama Card fan but e got both feet in and had possessionand Steelers had to overcome many bad calls for them but they did it because theyare the six timesuper bowl champs. They are the best team in super bowl history.

  • Jim

    “Cardinal_Chick Says:
    “Cardinal_Chick Says:
    February 8th, 2009 at 4:54 pmeFebruary 8th, 2009 at 4:54 pm ”

    The Cards dominated which first quarter ? Hilarious

    Yes Holmes scored —only idiots thought not …for one to take so long to realize it is even more evidence of ignorance. You bought into the liars on the internet and you still BUY their bs????

    Why do you ignore the calls that went your way or the holds not called? how many times was James Harrison really held? Did you not seem him get downright tackled on one play with no penalty called?

    One reason there were many penalties against the Cards was they had trouble handling the Steelers defense. When this happens one tends to hold more our of desperation.

    Why at the end of the game were the Steelers called for so many penalties if the officials wanted them to win?

    Are you so in denial that the play at the end was not reviewed. The league confirmed it was and ANYONE with half a football brain knows it was dislodged prior to his arm coming forward. The head of NFL officiating has said as much. He is the same guy who admitted they mistakenly did not call Holmes for a celebration penalty. So this guy is straight up.

    You do realize that Fitzgerald did not have his first catch til late in the second period right? domination lol. the cards score ZIP in the first quarter. The Steelers played their game. If you knew football you would know they PLAY ball control and they kept control for most of the first half. For the game it was 33 minutes for the steelers and 27 minutes for the Cards. By keeping the Cards from the ball for 6 less minutes likely meant at least one less chance at a score.

    The Cards had a great 4th quarter but if you noticed the Steelers played deeper allowing the short passes and got burned. The Chargers did the same against them earlier in the year. In that case the Steelers luckily were up by more points. I have to hand it to the Cards . They almost did it. They took advantage of the Steelers defense and their own defense played well. I wish them the best.

    The Steelers won because they controlled the ball overall and Ben drove in the clutch as usual. The Cards defense could have won the game but they did not.In the end they failed. Interesting how the interception that Warner is also forgotten as if that had nothing to do with their loss. The Cards played undisciplined football for the most part and that too cost them.

    GO STEELERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim

    “Cardinal_Chick Says:
    “Cardinal_Chick Says:
    February 8th, 2009 at 4:54 pmeFebruary 8th, 2009 at 4:54 pm ”


    The Steelers had the ball twice in the first quarter and the Cards once.

    The Steelers had the ball for about 16 minutes of the first 19 and a half minutes. They led 10 zip one minute into the second quarter. S

    Would you please define outplayed.

    BTW they should have stopped the game to review the fumble on the Cards last play I agree — but only to satisfy the deniers. In the end it would have not changed the call. Again it was reviewed upstairs. They had about 90 seconds to do so.

  • J.Belles

    The picture in question dosn’t show the ball in his hands yet, post a better picture where his right foot was off the ground after the catch…

  • e.fed

    Come on all you non believers. The Game wasn’t given to the Steelers, they went out and brought it back. I don’t hear anyone talking about the holding call in the endzone that gave the Cardinals the Safety. Ben had just thrown a bullet to Santonio who had no choice but to catch it for a first down on the 24. That holding call could be called on any play. It was a bullshit call. If that holding wasn’t called we, are 1st and ten at the 24 and and with another first down we would have ran out the clock since Arizona had only one time out left with about 4 minutes and change.
    It was a great game that was played by two very good football teams and only one team could win. That’s what Pittsburgh did, they won.
    Now let’s talk about something that effects each and everyone of us, the economy. That Super Bowl Victory Or Loss didn’t put money in our pockets unless you bet big. Let’s hope and pray that we can
    can still argue and disagree on Super Bowl 44’s outcome. Let’s pray that a game is as important to us next year as was to us this year. God Bless the USA and hope that we don’t have to fight as hard as the Steelers and Cardinals did to make ends meet this coming year.

  • Ben

    The picture shows his feet but does NOT show it at the time of legal possesion. You have to bring the ball into your body and maintain possesion for 2 seconds. At that time his 1 foot was OUT!!!!!

    This was a complete sham. The NFL needs to engrave an asterix (*) on the trophy.

  • prahd2bStillersFan

    Ben, now you’re making rules up. In the NFL 2 seconds is an eternity. By your reasoning any receiver who has ever caught a touchdown in the endzone then hurriedly spiked it should have had the play ruled incomplete by the refs. However, no refs seem to be aware of that rule…

    As far as this game itself; who dominated, etc.

    Rooting for one team or another makes it a little harder to be completely objective. Its like watching a boxing match and rooting for a fellow, cheering at every punch he lands and not really acknowledging the punches being landed by his opponent. Then later after emotions subside you watch the tape and realize your guy really did get hit alot.

    This is my best attempt at an unobjective opinion of the game–it may well not be unobjective; but still it is my best attempt 😉

    5 parts

    Part I–No brainer. Steelers clearly dominate all facets through the first qtr.

    Part II– Cards find their legs and Warner takes charge. He deftly takes whatever the Steeler D gives him and leads the Cards to their first score. This phase of the game continues and culminates with a huge swing in momentum from a deflected Roethlisberger pass and subsequent short field drive to the 2 yd. line, just before the end of the half. The Cardinals are poised to take the lead into the locker room.

    Part III– Steelers counter and land a haymaker with a James Harrison 100 yd. interception return. Momentum clearly shifts again. From here until just 12 minutes left in the 4th quarter, the Steelers D is as good as it’s billing, clamping down on the human highlight reel Larry Fitgerald and the rest of the high flying Cards offense.

    This is where the Steelers offense could have and should have gone for the knockout punch. But Bruce Arians (Steelers off. coordinator) seems to go into his prevent offense, attempting just barely enough to get by.

    The Cards knees buckle, they stagger, they should go down. But to their credit they don’t. They begin to come out of their haze late in the third quarter as they show renewed signs of fight by stoppping the Steelers twice on two first and goals on the same series allowing only a field goal.

    Part IV–It’s now or never, 12 minutes to go, and the Cards respond like champions. Over the next 9 1/2 minutes, they pull off the unthinkable. Playing with passion, grit, purpose and determination, the Cardinals dominate both sides of the ball with few exceptions.

    With the largest comeback ever in a Super Bowl, capped by Fitzgeralds lighting burst, the Cards overcome a 13 point deficit on the leagues No. 1 defense to take a 3 point lead with just over 2 1/2 minutes remaining. In the game. In the season. For the championship. The Cards sit perched and poised to fly into history.

    Part V–Now it is the Steelers who must get up off the mat. Now they must clear the haze. After trying “not to lose” for most of the second half, now the Steelers need to win –and there is no margin for error.

    Returning to the formula that has provided their greatest offensive achievments all year, Arians once again lets Roethlisberger loose. He must now look defeat squarely in its hollow eyes. Roethlisberger does not blink.

    Battle tested by the NFL’s most difficult schedule in over 30 years, “Big Ben” works the team downfield in the most extreme of pressure situations. Over the next 2 minutes, Roethlisberger and eventual MVP Santonio Holmes furiously fire off a rapid series of quick hits to the backpedaling Cardinal defense, and finally land the knockout punch that had earlier eluded them with just 35 seconds remaining.

    The bruised Steeler D rears up for a final assault on Warner, forcing a fumble to finish the deal.

    This was indeed a championship fight. The Cardinals proved that they were worthy of the challenge, had earned the right to be there, and one day could be champions.

    The Steelers proved they were.

  • Magic
  • prahd2bStillersFan

    shows nothing magic. just a frame in time with no refernce point– but video shows this was after he had already touched down and was knocked out of bounds.

    cant u do better?

    BS= BIG SCORE!!?

  • prahd2bStillersFan

    btw — earlier i said i was trying to be “unobjective” (and perhaps i was 😉 ) but i should have said “objective”

    just watching the nfl network replay again–

    somebody wrote a book about the 72 steelers entitled “3 bricks shy of a load”

    i think maybe the cards are about 5 bricks shy of a load– all on defense. Their offense is fully on board. The defense really was suspect all year.

    If coach Whis can adress that in short order, ( and bring Leinert along)the nfc will need to be dealing with bunch for a while.

    oh yeah, and don’t forget to “Show Boldin the money!!”

  • j

    2 seconds?


  • dudeman

    don’t you have to maintain possession even after you hit the ground. If you watch the video he is lying on the ball with no control at all…..should this not have been reviewed and ruled incomplete.

  • prahd2bStillersFan

    actally, dudeman, if you watch the video, he had complete and total control of the ball the moment it hit his hands and maintained it throughout the catch–with the official having a clear view. the ball can touch the ground, but you must maintain control, as he did, with his hands and arms clamped upon it, securing it.

    –unlike holmes 2nd down catch,–

    if you want to see a ball that touched the ground and moved and the receiver was not in complete control, look closer at fitzgeralds first touchdown. on 3rd down, he pinned it with his hand against his forearm/wrist, hits the ground with it,– it jostles.

    he quickly rolls, covers up and then secures it with two hands.

    should be no catch.

    the refs were blocked from a clear view as well as the tv shots, so the steelers didnt challenge. nfl films view show it clearest afterwards. Cards still get 7 instead of having to settle for 3 (which wasnt enough to win), so that was a free one.

    its fine to scrutinize the holmes play. lets not be selective in our scrutiny. whats good for the goose is good for the gander…

    you can go back and forth all day about the what ifs too. IF it were a closer game, THEN maybe the steelers offense doesnt go conservative so early and scores a couple more. Who knows?

    We do know it was looked at hard and close live, immediately after the play, from countless points since, from many angles,

    and upon a further review (like few if any others)…the play stands as called.

    gets called a touch down

  • Jamie

    The first picture clearly shows 2 feet down with posession of the ball. End of disucussion.

  • Derek

    no doubt both feet are down,too bad you cant see where the ball is,posession etc! he DIDNT have both feet down,and the refs reviewed this soooooooooooooo fast it was like they owed teh STEALERS money!!

  • Luis

    To Tony Phoenix: How not to get at mad at you when you write:

    “I don’t hate the team. I have to admit, it’s kind of funny seeing you idiots get so pissed. You won the game morons! Why do you care what I think? In case you do, I got onto this site via Google to look harder at the catch by Holmes. I said it then and I’ll say it now. He was in and it was a hell of a grab. Cool your jets Steeler fan.”

    In the 2-3 of your comments you use profanity to refer to Steeler fans or their city. You are poorly educated or a complete moron yourself.

    What did you expect?

    By the Way, What a GREAT CATCH!

  • Gorn

    Cardinal_Chick says: “It is very obvious that the Cardinals outplayed Pittsburgh in the 1st and 4th quarters”

    You mean that first quarter where the Cards gained a total of three yards? The one where they held the ball for 3:32? The one where they scored no points? The one where they allowed the Steelers to move the ball 140 yards on their two drives, resulting in 10 points?

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha… that’s domination, alright. I think you need to look up the definition of the word “obvious”.

    The Cards played a hell of a game thanks to getting some juice in the 4th quarter. They didn’t win, but don’t spoil what they did accomplish with all the delusional whining.

    Sadly, the Cards are going to deteriorate in 2009, so try to enjoy what was an otherwise good season.

  • Gorn

    Derek says:
    “no doubt both feet are down,too bad you cant see where the ball is,posession etc! he DIDNT have both feet down,and the refs reviewed this soooooooooooooo fast it was like they owed teh STEALERS money!!”

    Derek, are you incapable of replaying the game? I have it on high def recording and the evidence is there in frame by frame review for anyone with functioning neurons to see. Perhaps you can’t be bothered to investigate before proclaiming your certainty. Or perhaps you know more than my DVR, the press booth ref, the on field ref, and the NFL.

    Here’s the sequence, in case you don’t get it: (1) ball under control; (2) both feet down; (3) feet lift while he falls out of bounds. It really isn’t that hard. Just replay it and open your eyes.


  • chip

    11 Al…Just started reading all the posts from 1 up. I’m sure someone responded to your IDIOTIC post before me. But I will still do so too. Are you handicapped of the brain? A touchdown wasn’t scored after the ruffing the holder call. They kicked a field goal, AgAIN. I will repeat this again if it is hard for you to comprehend. ThEY DIDN’T SCORE A TD!!! Besides, I can see the ruffing the passer call as being lame but the holder was ran over. Is it open season on holders? The cards player bowled over the blocker on the line and leveled the holder without showing any sign of letting up.

  • chip

    19 Tom…….Come on Tom, all the BALLBABIES will say that you can’t clearly see his right foot because Moore is in the way and that there is a millimeter of daylight between holme’s foot and the grass.

  • chip

    28 MIke……That’s funny Mike. I have the same dish network technology and it shows the opposite. go figure. I guess it helps if you have your eyes open.

  • chip

    38 Byran…Smoke another one. Quit bogarding.

    44 JD….I don’t see you complaining of the penalties not called with Warner removing his helmit. There were at least two plays where Warner removed his helmet when the drive didn’t end the way he thought it should end. I say two plays beacuse that’s all you can see on the TV. I’m sure there were more. im removing his helmet is basically the same as olmes using the ball as a prop. Both illegal and both NOT called.

  • chip

    32 Magic..Nice STILL picture of his feet AFTER he caught the ball and had both feet down. Your picture would be the same of showing holmes sitting out of bounds with the ball in his hands and claiming he was never in the field of play. Now take your BS, make a sandwich and eat it.

  • neal

    Wow, im a huge Cardinals fan and have waited very long to see them in this super bowl, it was a great fking game i couldn’t ask for more….except for that one last pass by Warner that never made it in the sky, you all know Larry would’ve came down with it!!!!
    Im very glad i found this site, i finally got to see the toe tap! and he taps 100% amazing catch, that cant be disputed, ether can the 100 yard interception..

    People be prowd of what our team accomplished this year, i mean fk!! we went to the super bowl!! first time ever!! so be proud and stop bitching!!! your making real cards fans look bad!


  • J

    “neal says:
    February 26, 2009 at 6:50 pm ”

    Thumbs up

    Classy post

    Cards are Steelers west in my book. Hope Haggins comes back strong.

  • Uncontainable Spirit

    Yet again another post that has an image of Mr. Holmes with 2 feet down on the playing surface BUT with no way of knowing whether the ball was in the possession of the receiver at the time.

    For the most part the Steelers fans have been completely classless. In the way that they have handled this ‘alleged’ victory. It’s the blatant arrogance and barbarism of the Steelers fans that make it difficult for others to even consider accepting that the referees ‘might’ be correct. I say MIGHT because there is STILL no indisputable evidence that confirms that the ball was in the possession of the receiver WHILE both feet were on the playing surface.

    In the images above, where is the ball? That’s right… you have no idea where the ball is. You don’t know whether it is in the possession of the receiver or not. You don’t know whether he has control at that time or not. All that is seen is that two feet are touching the playing surface. Period.

  • Josh

    Im about tired of always winning the Superbowl and always having to put up with crybabies. Ive heard a lot about how the Refs screwed the cards and the NFL wanted the steelers to win. I cant believe there is that much stupidity out there. Here are some good reasons why the game wasnt “fixed” nor the refs/nfl wanting the steelers to win.
    #1. Ken Wisenhunt(Arz) threw out 2 challenges in this game, both challenges were overturned in Arizona’s favor. 2 for 2 in the game. Both hurting pitt and helping Arz.
    #2. Every freaken time the Steelers made any kind of play in the game it was either challenged or under booth review, really believe it or not it almost seemed like the Refs were looking for a reason to overturn the calls into Arizonas favor.
    #3. We had a holding call in the endzone late in the 4th qtr. Ben Hit Holmes for a first down and pretty much would have ended the game, instead a holding call in the endzone neglacted that and resulted into a safety. Are they going to call that against Pitt if they want Pitt to win so bad? Have you EVER in your life seen such a call in a superbowl? What about that?
    #4. After Arz took the 23-20 lead, Pitt had one last final offensive drive. Started at the 22 yard line. VERY first freaken play, the refs call a holding call against Pitt which now set up a 1st & 20 at the Pitt 12 yard line. So your telling me the refs/nfl wanted the steelers to win so freaken bad, but yet there going to make this bonehead call against Pitt?
    #5. If your looking at it from a Gambling standpoint, Pitt only won by 4 pts, the spread was 7. So its not like they wanted Pitt to cover for a gambling purpose, because they didnt.
    #6. Remember Larry Fitz’s first TD of the game? Re-watch that over, he caught the ball at the highest point and didnt have control coming down, i swear everytime ive seen that, it looks like the ball hits the ground on his way down and he doesnt have full control. But was it reviewed? was it challenged? No. not even talked about.

    So there ya go, 6 good reasons in why this game WASNT fixed or the refs/nfl had it out for the steelers to win. That is just plain out ignorance. I guess it was also the refs fault that K. Warner threw a 100 yard INT the other way when it was 1st and goal for Arz and had 3 chances to throw it in there, maybe he should have been more patient. But no lets not credit the steelers or call it a boneheaded play by Warner, lets just say its the refs fault. Plus everyone is talking about Holmes TD at the end of the game, how they question both feet down. There was a pic of where his right foot was up about an inch off the ground behind his left foot. People come on….are you that stupid? Let me tell you the rule and what happened. Holmes caught the ball, had control, both toes ON the ground (as you see in the pic at the top of this page) then as he went falling or towering down his foot began to come off the ground. Its called gravity. But once the ball is caught, has possesion and both feet have touched the ground in the endzone, the play is dead. Doesnt matter what happens 1 second later or 3 days later, the play is dead after that. It was a catch & touchdown.

  • Go Bucs

    Actually these photos show his toes BURIED in the turf. Wow. The last photo proves he DIDN’T have both toes down, look at how the laces are NOT at the same level horizontally so 1 foot could NOT be down unless he wears 2 different sized shoes.

  • neal

    wtf guy? i don’t want to believe it ether but, it is what it is……a fucking catch, Stop STop STOP….some people just cant give in, even when there is a pic in right in fount of them…you guys never played football have you? that’s a catch…if you know football you have to you know it’s a touchdown! it’s heartbreaking it is, but it’s also legendary! don’t take that from Holmes and shut the fuck up your embarrassing me and REAL CARDINAL FOOTBALL FANS…that all there is to it, and to you Steelers fans…………not everyone in AZ is a fucking moron congrats on your win……..fuckers! but congrats

    LETS GO CARDINALS 2009!!!!

  • Jaggoff

    The 70’s Stealers dynasty played “Coked Out” on the field and now they’re all on STEROIDS!! especially Harrison!

  • J

    Steelers ROCK and losers whine!

    GO STEELERS!!!!!

    THE BEST TEAM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6 RINGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nrog

    “Actually these photos show his toes BURIED in the turf. Wow. The last photo proves he DIDN’T have both toes down, look at how the laces are NOT at the same level horizontally so 1 foot could NOT be down unless he wears 2 different sized shoes.” – go bucs

    Just what are you smoking? If you look at the first picture, you will clearly see that the right foot is vertical and the left is at an angled slant. It is also slightly more depressed in the turf because it is the forward most of the two feet.

    Now, keep that factoid in mind as you look at the second photo taken at the same instant from a different angle, and tell me that you find it mysterious that the laces are not perfectly aligned horizontally.

    You can admit that the toes are “BURIED” in the turf but yet you deny that the toes are not down….!? What??? Does that even make the slightest sense? Only if you believe that the photos are doctored can I make any sense of your comment.

    But guess what – I’ve still got the game on hi def recording, and I have watched this from every angle one frame at a time. The touchdown is clear and the photos above are not doctored.

    Get over it, man.

  • neal

    you cant be for real dude, look at his feet, right click and save it to a file on your CPU……then use your zooming tool and take a better look,… i understand your point….but your wrong…the foot in front is at a angle, while the other is straight up and down.. standing on the side of his foot (left)allowing his toe to just barely tap( as you see)***this is where card fans see hope***) AS HE IS FALLING FORWARD HIS LEFT FOOT STARTS TO STRAIGHTEN, AND HE IS NOW STANDING MORE ON HIS LEFT TOE-WITCH IN TURN MAKES HIS RIGHT FOOT A PEER AS IT WAS ALWAYS JUST A LITTLE OFF THE GROUND, NOW THAT WE GOT THE BEST CAM ANGLE TO SEE THE PLAY FROM BEHIND, WE SEE IN FACT THE RIGHT TOE -DID- MAKE IT DOWN ——GO CARDS!

  • neal


  • j
  • Izzy

    Wow, I’ve been a Steelers fan since the 80’s and I’ve never seen the team garner such attention. I looked around the web today and “some” people are still not convinced of the td, how dreadful and sad! Does success breed contempt? Maybe the new DSM-IV guide will have a chapter on Steelers winning Superbowls neurosis. Steelers fans you can’t say it’s a dull life!

  • J

    IZZY- it is about jealousy and tearing down the one at the top. It happens in all walks of life.

    Heck I do it to the Patriots…of course they deserive it.

  • Santonio Holmes Right foot Was Down

  • Don

    How many Super Bowls have the Stealers won when there have been controversial plays that have gone in the Stealers favor? vs. How many Super Bowls have the Stealers lost when there have controversial plays that have gone against them? Answer 5 vs. 0
    If it were 0-5, the Stealer fans would definately be the biggest cry babies in the NFL. By the way, he had both feet down! Also, Josh is totally confused. If the calls were going in Arizona’s direction, they wouldn’t have to challenge a lot of the plays. I would love, for just one time, the bad calls go against Pittsburgh in a Super Bowl. It would be changed to 4 rivers due to the river of tears from the Stealer fans.

  • connot

    dude how can he not be in your correct his feet were burried. but the shoelace thing makes no sense one foot is leaned one way so they would not be level

  • jesse

    i’m a loyal seahawk fan….. and yes we got screwed in sb 40 !!!!! you steeler fans have 5 rings… i hate the steelers and always will

  • Kyle

    Look where his arms are positioned. Find that same time from the front, and the ball is still just out of his grip. It was just moments apart, so I dont blame the ref. But the foot comes up before he makes the catch

  • azsb43champs

    YES Homless had two feet down BEFORE the catch and one up after show the hole picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • djmalic34

    Did he catch the football with both feet down?

  • Mike

    You people are retarded. I thought Cowboy fans were babies, but sheesh. It was a good throw, and an even better CATCH. You really think a ref has a “zooming” tool during gametime to use? You lost, despite a great fight towards the end. If your team is that good, get over it, and make the playoffs this year. When the ball was caught, the toes were down. End of discussion. Use any cropping tool you want, being you are that desperate to try and overturn some call. Email the refs and tell them that. They will probably laugh at you. I sure as hell am. Losers…

  • Hardy

    You guys are fuckin retarded. This is clearly a catch. Clearly has 2 feet down. I don’t see how you can even begin to argue that this not a catch.

  • Izzy

    Wow this thread still lives on! Doesn’t everyone know it’s a vast Rooney conspiracy that the Steelers win games. Ambassador Rooney has a black satellite that encircles the entire earth scrambling refs brains into jello. As a Steeler fan I believe I have heard every cock eyed view of why they win games. Hopefully someday people can put down their tin foiled hats and actually accept a Steeler victory.

  • JD

    I wish everybody would shut up bout this if you want to get technical the giants tyree play that won the super bowl a few years back wasnt really a catch. A reciever must control the ball all the way to the ground and it not hit the ground or its incomplete thats in the rule book check that out you bunch of crybabies dont hate on the steelers cause we got six rings we are the yankees of football without having to pay these players all the money in the world thats enough said we won you didnt get over it! and have a nice day!

  • venom

    Wow I read these post and the Card fans are awful!! Lies and plain bull!!! Pat fans lost to the G-men and did not act like this!! I hate the Pats,BUT ?……….. AZ grow up! Starting to become a joke like Seattle fans!! GO G-MEN!

  • bob

    the best view of the catch is from the open field looking into the end zone. This was a catch and the cards fans should start blaming their db’s and dl for allowing the steelers to move 80 yards on four plays in 1 minute 30 seconds.

  • eaglefan

    the only reason the steelers should not have won is because of the block in the back on harrisons int return

  • Buck Few ☣

    I don’t have any interest in who won the game and I didn’t see the play.

    In this situation, the video cameras they used didn’t have this resolution for the refs to confirm or overturn the call. It would have to stand as called because they didn’t have still camera shots like this to view.

    There are limits to the resolution they can use and the angles they can shoot. It would be impossible to zoom up that tight on a players feet in the middle of live action with a video camera. There are just too many square yards of field to cover to even try.

    Parsing it out with still camera shots is pointless in a practical sense.

  • Ken Vermillion

    In 2017 this would not have been a catch…for good reason