Steelers Sign G Chris Kemoeatu To Five Year Contract

The Steelers re-signed guard Chris Kemoeatu to the roster on Friday to a contract worth $20 million over the next five years. It was widely reported that Kemoeatu was going to sign a contract with the New York Jets for roughly the same amount as the Jets reportedly offered a four-year deal for $16.8 million with roughly $7 million in guarantees, but he has decided to stay with the Steelers instead. Kemoeatu will receive a $4 million signing bonus as part of his new contract with $6 million in guarantees and it helps ease the concern about the guard position on the Steelers offensive line.

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  • John Peaspanen

    WHY?!! Throwing $20 million at their most worthless lineman, just so the Jets won’t get him! Keomeatu was the primary source of the sacks on Ben in 2008. Like a swinging door, he was letting anyone in. He stands straight up and pivots around, not actually hitting anyone. Then, he runs after the defender and arrives just in time to pick the QB up. Fantastic. The only time he makes a block is with assistance from the center or tackle, which frees up another entry point to the pocket. This guy is so slow that he pulls behind the back on traps, arriving far to late to matter. Again, worthless. Am I the only one seeing this in every game? This contract is a huge disappointment. I hope Ben continues to scramble well. His longevity will depend upon it.