There Is No Ike In Team

Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor had a fantastic 45 minutes of football on Super Bowl Sunday versus the Arizona Cardinals. The only problem is that Taylor came up 15 minutes short. Taylor blanketed Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald in the first three quarters of football, holding him to just one catch for 12 yards. What happened after that almost cost the Steelers their sixth NFL championship. Fitzgerald, a former University of Pittsburgh star, added 6 catches for 115 yards and 2 touchdowns all in the fourth quarter against Taylor. Fitzgerald\’s first touchdown came on a fade pattern to the right corner of end in which Taylor never turned to find the ball. On that drive Fitzgerald had five big receptions. The second touchdown was a inside slant route in front of Taylor from the Cardinals 36 yard line. Fitzgerald caught the pass at the 43, broke Taylor\’s attempt at a tackle, and took it 64 yards down the middle for a touchdown. To make matters worse, Taylor had an unnecessary roughness penalty that could have been costly in the fourth quarter.

If Taylor is to remain a Steeler, he needs to understand that it is about the team and not him. He also needs to be able to put together a multiple complete games, not just partial games. The game is 60 minutes long and you can pat yourself on the back after the game, but not before them.

  • Always thought that Ike was our weakest link to a fine (BEST) defense. I simply think he is out played in every game and his name and big plays do not seem often. I wish this was not the case, yet I find little that I am confident with Ike in the secondary. I hate when I see him 5 yards or more off of the receiver and I know the chance of Ike being beaten on the play is over 50%. Its now time for them to find Ike a new home and use a much needed draft pick for his replacement. I am sorry to say, I would feel more comfortable with a rookie replacement than 24! … from a member of the Steeler Nation in Atlanta, Georgia!

  • Joshua Ferrer

    That is the most ridiculous crap I’ve heard. In every game he makes several plays in pass defense. The anouncers often remark that the secondary is playing much better than in past years. It is the scheme for the CB to play off the ball, not Taylor’s choice. They have played off the ball for years. Only reason Troy was right up on Fitz was to hamper his route, he didn’t cover him all over the field.

  • champs

    If you were paying any attention you’d notice that they used an inverted cover 2 a lot of the time and had Polamalu man Fitzgerald and have Taylor play safety. And neither touchdown was his fault, the fade was actually really well defended, Fitz barely caught it and he’s probably the best fade receiver in the league, and the 64 yard touchdown was a good playcall by Arizona. Harrison was too far wide and Bouldin drew Polamalu wide, who should have been helping on Fitzgerald. Nothing against Dick Lebeau, but he got outsmarted on one play. The Personal foul was stupid, but Ike is not the weakest player on our defense, can you imagine putting McFadden on Fitz and see what happened? Have you forgot Ike Taylor shut down TO, Moss, and Andre Johnson?

  • Jeff

    Ike Taylor is a very good corner everygame he is matched up against the other teams premere wide reciever form randy moss to Terrel Owens to Larry Fitzgerald. Ike is a big fast corner who specialized in trailing wide recievers the only reason he doesn’t get big numbers (Interceptions) is because he doesn’t have great hands which has brougt him the name concrete Ike. No corner in the playoffs shut down fitzgerald so it was amazing that he even held fitz to 1 catch in 3 quarters. You can’t hate on any corner that was part of the #1 Defence against the pass if anything ike should be gretting praised not scorned upon. Everyone has penaltys out of frustration but people always twist things on certain people to make a point… For instance No ones saying James harrison put himself before the team and he also had a personal foul so i don’t agree with the first post or this article. Why would u trade a bonafide corner for a rook?

  • Gerrad in Erie

    How can you hate on Ike Taylor? If he was that bad of a corner, we would not have had the best pass coverage defense in the NFL this season. Ike had been put out on an island all season long against THE BEST recievers in the game. That is a tough feat for anyone. Sure there is always room for improvement, but I would take Ike over a lot of corners out their. I dont see a problem possibly drafting a corner, but that is not the Teams biggest issue right now. Lets look at Rogers-Cromartie… He was probably the best corner drafted this year, in a starting role he was pretty good, and then in the Superbowl he was beaten by Holmes, not considered an amazing reciever by NFL standards… And Ike gets beat a few times a season and its a problem? When you line up against Fitz or are fighting for the ball against him, not many corners are going to make that play.

  • Johnathan

    Icant Believe it like T-Pain!!!we just won the Greatest superbowl ever!!! Ike shut down fitzgerald in da first half!!! Now lets be real did you really expect Larry not to score???? He’s to far of great receiver to be held lets jump off ike….wERE SUPERBOWL CHAMPS BAAAAAAAAAAAABY!!!!!! lets try and do it again Next year!!!!!!

  • Ed

    What horrible post. Ike is by far the best corner we have and he is only going to get better. He has only been playing corner back for 7 years, including college. Ike might be the best we have had since Rod Woodson. I wish his hands where better but if he knocks it down that is good enough.

    As for the super bowl, the fade was undefendable (as was Holmes). Ike did miss a tackle on Fitz, BUT both saftey broke away from Fitz and the middle of the right before the ball was thrown and that is more of the issue. Ike was playing that route like he had help over the top and was in decent position.