Steelers Sign Free Agent K Piotr Czech

According to reports the Steelers have signed free agent kicker Piotr Czech. Czech was with the Baltimore Ravens last year for training camp and graduated from Wagner College. He is expected to be a camp kicker for the Steelers and not a threat to Jeff Reed.

  • Do the Steelers need a place kicker, or are they looking at Piotr Czech to keep their place kicker fired up? What do you think? Does he have a chance.

  • admin

    Merely a camp kicker. Most teams carry two kickers through camp. Barring some unforeseen circumstance, I think reeds job is very safe.

  • Adam

    Czech it a crazy kicker you guys should be happy you have him!

  • Even if u sign a contract can you still be cut from the team. How does that work?

  • chris

    I don’t think you guys understand the potential that this guy has. He has a really strong leg, his accuracy continues to improve, and lets not forget that he was a crazy athlete in high school with basketball and track. he even did track at Wagner and won the division in the triple jump. Don’t tell me he’s not a threat.

  • admin

    I doubt it seriously. Teams always bring 2 kickers to camp. Reed knows the winds in Heinz field like nobody else.

  • Krystle

    I went to school with Piotr at Keyport High…..he was a major athlete. Give the guy a chance! I think you got a great kicker…..he deserves it, trust me. He was one of the nicest guys.

  • kerry

    Piotr was a supurb athlete when I was in high school with him. Its no suprise he’s doing so well. Just watch him this season. He’ll blow you out of the water! I am so proud of him!

  • Jeremy

    Czech is a phenomenal kicker.. his consistency is up there with the greats & his power is AMAZING!!! at his schools pro day(wagner) he was very consistent & kicked a 59 yard field goal!! a 59 yard field goal!! give the guy a chance he’s def. good at what he does..

  • admin

    Already been released!

  • Cole

    what happened to piotr czech? Such a great kicker. Why isnt the NFL giving him a chance?