Steelers Six From Around The Web – Monday June 15th

Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians claims the offensive line only gave up 19 sacks last year of the 46 suffered, “Running backs, tight ends, receivers and quarterbacks gave up most of the rest. Those guys, every time there’s a sack it has to be the offensive linemen but a lot of times it was a receiver missing the hot read, the quarterback getting himself sacked a few times, because he likes to run around. We’re not going to change that.”, said Arians.

Former Steelers linebacker Robin Cole is opening his Unforgettable Sweets cheesecake bakery in Republic. The cheesecakes are currently being sold in a number of grocery and convenience stores in southwestern Pennsylvania, as well as being sold to restaurants.

Tribune-Democrat contributor, Jim Wexell, pens his findings of the recent wrap up of the Steelers Spring. He also notes his main roster weaknesses.

Former safety Anthony Smith, is trying to get a fresh start in Green Bay. Smith and claims he was miserable last year, despite winning a championship with the Steelers. Good riddance, Anthony!

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger fired an 81 on Friday, to top Michael Jordan and Justin Timberlake in U.S. Open Challenge on the Bethpage State Park\’s Black Course in Farmingdale, N.Y.

A huge congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins, the new Stanley Cup champions of the NHL. The Pens overcame a 0-2 series start and gutted out a 2-1 win Friday night in the final game of the series. The Pens victory parade will start at noon today.

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  • Every Steeler fan needs to come to grips with the fact that Ben is going to take 15-20 more sacks than every other QB in the league. Not because the Line is bad, but because he is more concerned with making the play than with avoiding contact.

    Learn it, accept it, embrace it.

    It will probably take 3 yrs off his career on the back end, and it will also win us at least ONE more SB than we would have gotten otherwise (hint, you just saw it)