First 53 Man Roster Guess

Below is my first official stab at the Steelers final 53 man roster through 3 preseason games. About 6 players could go either way as the final six were tough decisions.

Roethlisberger, Ben QB
Batch, Charlie QB
Dixon, Dennis QB

Running Backs
Parker, Willie RB
Mendenhall, Rashard RB
Moore, Mewelde RB
Davis, Carey FB
Redman, Isaac RB

Wide Receivers
Ward, Hines WR
Holmes, Santonio WR
Sweed, Limas WR
Wallace, Mike WR
McDonald, Shaun WR

Tight Ends
Miller, Heath TE
Spaeth, Matt TE
Johnson, David TE

Offensive Lineman
Hartwig, Justin C
Legursky, Doug OL
Essex, Trai G
Foster, Ramon G
Kemoeatu, Chris G
Stapleton, Darnell G
Urbik, Kraig G
Colon, Willie T
Hills, Tony T
Starks, Max T

Defensive Lineman
Eason, Nick DE
Keisel, Brett DE
Smith, Aaron DE
Hood, Ziggy DT
Hampton, Casey NT
Hoke, Chris NT

Farrior, James ILB
Fox, Keyaron ILB
Timmons, Lawrence ILB
Bailey, Patrick OLB
Frazier, Andre OLB
Harrison, James OLB
Woodley, LaMarr OLB
Woods, Donovan OLB

Defensive Backs
Polamalu, Troy S
Clark, Ryan S
Carter, Tyrone S
Mundy, Ryan S
Taylor, Ike CB
Gay, William CB
Townsend, Deshea CB
Madison, Anthony CB
Lewis, Keenan CB

Reed, Jeff K
Sepulveda, Daniel P
Warren, Greg LS
Logan, Stefan KR

  • notjustasteelerfan

    Here’s my 53 man roster

    QB’s 3 same but I like Dixon as #2
    RB’s 5 Parker,Mendenhall,Moore,Redman,Frank Summers-fb=due to more upside and Davis is a RFA in 2010.
    WR’s 5 same
    TE’s 3 same
    OL’s you have 10, the Steeler’s had 9 at the end of the 2009 season, I have 8 Hartwig-c,Essex-g/t,Kemoeatu-g,Starks-t,Colon-t,Foster-g/t,Stapleton-g/c,Urbik-g.
    DL’s you have 6, the Steeler’s had 7 at the end of the 2009 season, I also have 7 Smith-de,Hampton-nt,Keisel-de,Hood-de,Hoke-nt,Kirschke-de,Harris-de
    LB’s you have 8, the Steeler’s had 9 at the end of the 2009 season, again I have 9 Woodley-olb,Farrior-ilb,Timmons-ilb,Harrison-olb,Frazier-olb,Fox-ilb,Woods-ilb,Bailey-olb,Davis-olb=showed up at the 1st preseason game and A Harrison is injury prone.
    DB’s 9 Taylor-cb,Clark-fs,Polamalu-ss,Gay-cb,Townsend-cb/s,Ratliff-s/cb,Mundy-s,Lewis-cb,Burnett-cb/pr.
    Spec 4 same but I would of like to see A.Q Shipley play alittle LS to see if he could do it at the NFL level.
    Also I would of like to see (rb) Redman playing with the 1st-2nd team vs Justin Vincent.
    Has Mewelde Moore shown you enough to keep his roster spot?
    Meaning, Issac Redman showed he can catch + blocks + A HARD runner for 3rd downs and Stefan Logan should be the starting PR and can play that “scat-back” RB for 3rd downs as well.

  • Matt

    Just want to say nice site I enjoy it. I like that you post the press conferences and interviews as they seem to be hard to find.

  • PTownSteelTown

    3 Quarterbacks: I agree, and Reilly is PS#1.
    3 Running backs: Redman is PS#2.
    1 Fullback: Agree, and Tank is PS#3
    5 Wide Receivers: Grisham/Nance is PS#4
    3 Tight Ends: Agree
    9 Offensive Linemen: Assuming Stapleton is healthy, he makes it over Legursky, since when he got hurt he was better and they fill the same roles. He and Shipley make PS#5 and 6.

    Offense 24

    7 Defensive Linemen: Add Kirschke and Harris beats out Eason. No way Harris clears waivers.
    8 Linebackers: Agree. Davis is PS#7
    7 Cornerbacks: Add Ratliff and Burnett, subtract Madison. Burnett has too much promise to clear waivers; Ratliff to versatile.
    3 Safeties: Carter is backup, with Ratliff and/or Townsend in a pinch. Mundy is PS#8
    25 Defense
    4 Special Teamers: Agree, although as much as Tomlin preaches position flexibility, imo Logan will also practice as scatback/wr.
    Considered Piotr or R. Lewis taking somebody’s spot on PS, especially Piotr. Always good to have an extra kicker around.