CBS Sportsline Rapid Reporter Freaking Out Steeler Nation

While Steeler fans everywhere appreciate all the training camp reports they can get, sometimes mis-information is put out. Such is the case with Brian Carson who is handling the CBS Sportsline Rapid Reports for the Steelers. Brian keeps reporting that undrafted free agent tackle Ramon Foster is not practicing, when in fact it is rookie defensive lineman Ra\’Shon Harris who is hampered by the groin problem. Both Foster and Harris are wearing #73 in camp. I have tried to email him to let him know to no avail. Perhaps Steeler Nation can help. You can email Brian at the address below. Let him know he is confusing the two in his updates.

  • Jim

    Why bother? Let him amuse us.

  • Brian Carson


    I apologize to you and all the Steeler Nation.

    The roster I had had only one No.73 on it and that was Ramon Foster. I received your email and sent a correction. If it is not on the Rapid Report it will be tomorrow.

    I have received an updated roster and once again, I’m sorry for the mistake. The last thing I want to do is offend the greatest fans in the world – STEELER FANS!

    Take care,
    Brian Carson

  • admin

    Thanks Brian, all is forgiven. Keep up the updates.

  • notjustasteelerfan

    I see you was able to reach this person because he did make the correction. (good-job). I was able to give you a “Correction” and you did correct that blog. Meaning roster mistake you made. Anyway here’s another one for you, See if you can rean this person, check out website Profootball Weekly. Tell me if you see something wrong.?

  • admin

    Yep, wrong Kemo picture.

  • notjustasteelerfan

    Hey I’m sorry I didn’t know I was wasting your time. I mean, No need to get rude. Being a football fan looking at that site I thought for a moment that something happen to #68 for the Steelers, Just like being a Steeler fan I know that there were two #73’s and it was Harris who was hurt not Foster.
    Anyway, can you to tell me who is #50 for the Steelers? it use to be Larry Foote and on the Steeler Roster there is no number 50.
    Any idea’s Who?
    I’ll wait…

  • admin

    Not sure where I was rude. As far as #50, unless they signed someone today, there is no number 50 on the roster right now. Unless Davis indeed switched.

  • notjustasteelerfan

    I have another question for you, How would you feel being a Steeler Fan and finding out that Rapper Snoop Dogg was at the Ravens traing camp today!?
    Personally He should NEVER call himself a Steeler Fan again..Also I thought he was from the streets.. I wonder if his BOZS from the HOOD knew he could be a fake $$$…Anyway it would of been funnier if he would of been at the DAWG POUND. Since he is a DAWG, Right Lady’s!!
    By the way, any luck with my question?
    NFL Live for the Snoop Dogg story.

  • admin

    Perhaps he is an undercover brother scout.