My Final 53 Man Roster & Cuts

The Steelers just wrapped up their final pre-season game versus the Carolina Panthers and I have agonized over the final cuts all night. The two surprises I have are the Steelers keeping Isaac Redman and Ra\’Shon Harris. I believe they will go one short at linebacker and offensive line to accommodate these two players. Without further adieu, here are the cuts and the final 53.


Holmes, Santonio WR
Logan, Stefan WR
McDonald, Shaun WR
Sweed, Limas WR
Wallace, Mike WR
Ward, Hines WR
Johnson, David TE
Miller, Heath TE
Spaeth, Matt TE
Mundy, Ryan S
Polamalu, Troy S
Carter, Tyrone S
Clark, Ryan S
Mendenhall, Rashard RB
Moore, Mewelde RB
Parker, Willie RB
Redman, Isaac RB
Batch, Charlie QB
Dixon, Dennis QB
Roethlisberger, Ben QB
Sepulveda, Daniel P
Colon, Willie OT
Hills, Tony OT
Starks, Max OT
Frazier, Andre OLB
Harrison, James OLB
Woodley, LaMarr OLB
Bailey, Patrick OLB
Essex, Trai OG
Foster, Ramon OG
Kemoeatu, Chris OG
Urbik, Kraig OG
Hampton, Casey NT
Hoke, Chris NT
Warren, Greg LS
Reed, Jeff K
Timmons, Lawrence ILB
Farrior, James ILB
Fox, Keyaron ILB
Davis, Carey FB
Hood, Ziggy DT
Harris, Ra\’Shon DT
Eason, Nick DE
Keisel, Brett DE
Kirschke, Travis DE
Smith, Aaron DE
Taylor, Ike CB
Townsend, Deshea CB
Gay, William CB
Lewis, Keenan CB
Ratliff, Keiwan CB
Hartwig, Justin C
Legursky, Doug C


Shipley, A.Q. C PS
Capizzi, Jason OT PS
Summers, Frank RB PS
McLendon, Steve DT PS
Davis, Bruce OLB PS
Woods, Donovan OLB PS
Burnett, Joe CB PS
McHugh, Sean TE IR
Baker, Dallas WR
Grisham, Tyler WR
Williams, Brandon WR
Sherrod, Dezmond TE
Parquet, Jeremy OG
Vincent, Justin RB
Reilly, Michael QB
Paxson, Scott DT
Korte, Tom ILB
Schantz, Andrew ILB
Harrison, Arnold OLB
Czech, Piotr K
Lewis, Roy CB
Madison, Anthony CB

  • Jeff

    There is o way the Steelers keep 8 d-lineman. Mark my words either Eason or Kirschke or gone.

  • admin

    Doubt it would be Kirschke, but I could see Eason gone and keep another linebacker.

  • notjustasteelerfan


    I like some of your choices for the Steeler’s roster but Here’s my 53 man roster,

    WR-6 with Logan being PR/KR/3 down RB.
    TE-3 same
    RB-5 Summers beats out Davis,
    QB-3 but Dixon is my #2

    DL you have 8, I have 7, cutting Nick Eason.
    LB you have 7, I have 8, adding Woods (depend on Inj) at ILB cutting Bailey and adding A Harrison(ILB). But if Woods injury is season ending then Adding A Harrison at MLB and keeping P. Bailey at OLB.
    DB-9 but cutting Carter at S an adding K Ratliff(cb)and adding J Burnett(pr)

    I would of liked to seen Redman play with 2nd team before J Vincent.
    Also seeing if AQ Shipley could play Long Snapper. Something not mention about Mr AQ Shipley on TV. He has a some NASTY to him. Meaning he plays to the whistle, and then some….A Scrappy kinda player you want on your team.