Seven Huge Plays In The Bengals Loss

#1) 3-1-CIN 1 (7:40) 39-W.Parker left tackle to CIN 1 for no gain (31-R.Williams; 68-J.Fanene).

The short yardage woes continue. If Ben is your best short yardage back, then use him. We found out after the game, Rashard Mendenhall was in the dog house. Every team we play, knows we can not run on the goalline.

#2) 4-4-CIN 35 – (1:15) (Shotgun) 7-B.Roethlisberger pass incomplete short left to 10-S.Holmes [68-J.Fanene]. Penalty on PIT-78-M.Starks, Offensive Holding, declined.

Not sure what Mike Tomlin was thinking here. You are leading 13-0 and have one of the most talented punters in the league. By going for it and missing it, you give the Bengals a shorter field to at least get 3 points and something to build on for the second half. Not one of Tomlins better decisions.

#3 2-15-PIT 24 (13:44) (Shotgun) 7-B.Roethlisberger pass short right intended for 10-S.Holmes INTERCEPTED by 22-J.Joseph at PIT 30. 22-J.Joseph for 30 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Not one of Santonio Holmes better games. He did not seem to have his head in the game and either ran the wrong route or missed the adjustment. Regardless, it put the Bengals squarely back in the game.

#4 3-4-CIN 34 (12:02) (Shotgun) 7-B.Roethlisberger pass incomplete deep middle to 14-L.Sweed.

A sure 7 points that Limas Sweed dropped. You have to make plays when your number is called in crucial points of the game. Sweed failed to do that here.

#5 3-2-PIT 32 (10:06) (Shotgun) 9-C.Palmer pass short left to 11-L.Coles to PIT 23 for 9 yards (23-T.Carter).

A huge third down conversion in front of Tyrone Carter. The next play was the touchdown run by Cedric Benson. If they hold the Bengals here, they may settle for a 49 yard field goal instead of getting 7.

#6 4-2-PIT 20 (1:00) (Shotgun) 9-C.Palmer pass short right to 11-L.Coles to PIT 15 for 5 yards (24-I.Taylor).

The first of two 4th down plays on the final drive that the Bengals converted. Stop them here the game is over.

#7 4-10-PIT 15 (:36) (Shotgun) 9-C.Palmer pass short right to 40-B.Leonard to PIT 4 for 11 yards (51-J.Farrior).

While it was not the game winning catch, it might has well been. It was caught well short of the first down and the tackle was not made. Second chance to stop them on 4th down and win the game.

  • Lance Breakiron

    There is nothing wrong with committing to the run late in a game. Especially one that we have dominated!!! However, a pair of fresh legs never hurt anyone late in the 4th quarter!!! Especially when we have a first round pick from 2008 that is a bit of a bruiser! Where was Mendenhall coach Tomlin? I thought for sure you were saving hin for the last few series of the game when we needed him most! A couple first downs would have sealed the deal. Very sad! On a good note,,, nice running Willie!!!

  • Alan Kavanaugh

    Howdy Folks.

    Sure we dont have a running game at this time we all know that.

    1. Bone head play of the game was interception thrown by Ben, gotta call a spade a spade, wasnt even close.

    2. Second bone head play of the game was the drop by Sweed in the end zone.

    If 1 didnt happen and 2 did happen, either way we would’ve won the game..


    Alan K
    Prince George, BC, Canada

  • David Darnell

    The last two games have shown me that the 3rd quarter has been a problem. We seem to be in a daze. Defense seems to be on vacation. We have a fairly easy schedule this year and as I have always felt…we relax. Well it gets tougher from here on and now we’re 3rd in division. Ben is doing well and I was glad to see Fast Willie finally break the line of scrimage. I am pleased with Wallace and Lomax…good additions. Would like to see more of Mendenhall, Summers and Moore though. Heinz needs to watch his penalties, he’s too god for that. Sweed, I’m not impressed with since he came on…maybe more game time will help, but he nees to hold on to ball. Down Town Santonio Holmes? Keep on keepin on. Cohesivness, consistancy and health. Lets get # 7. STEELER NATION!