Steelers Place FB Frank Summers On Injured Reserve

On Tuesday, the Steelers placed fullback Frank Summers on injured reserve with a back injury, thus ending his season. Summers was a drafted in the 5th round in the 2009 draft and was the 169th pick overall for the Steelers.

  • Ok, what is going on in Pttsburgh? What does “mysterious” back injury mean? Is that nfl politic speak for “he doesn’t sell tickets?”
    Or did Summers not fulfill someones idea of of a RB/FB??? Look, my son and I were excited to see Frank the Tank signed. We know that when you are 5’9/5’10 and 240 not many “big” colleges or nfl teams look at you(yes my boy resembles that remark! lol), but we also know that when you have those stats you HAVE no choice but to play three times tougher than most! I mean seriously, two games into the season and your’re benching the guy!!? I hope that if it is a serious injury Frank will make a comeback, but if its some weird “he’s just not big enough” crap then I hope you release him next and he goes to some other team that knows how to use a guy with “heart”!! And it comes back to haunt you…I will check more video of the games he actually was in, but I don’t think he has been used sufficiently to tell what he can accomplish! This is all IMHO…Ne intention to offend, just defending how hard these guys work to get there and stay there…

  • liquid3

    I live in Vegas and an alumni of UNLV, so I saw plenty of Frank The Tank in college games, he deserves to be pro and I was glad to hear he got drafted by the Steelers. I think the surgery is minor and he is just not NFL ready, give him a season or two and “The Tank” will replace “The Bus”. Mike Tomlin saw something in Frank, just what I saw every Saturday for 2 years, a strong man bust through D-lines for good yardage. Frank could be the next Michael Turner, they are the same build.