Missed Holding Call On Cribbs Kickoff Return On Ratliff

Many people have emailed me about the hold on Steelers cornerback Keiwan Ratliff by Cleveland Browns running back Jerome Harrison on the 98 yard kickoff return by Joshua Cribbs that resulted in a touchdown. I am not going to narate or caption the photos as I think they speak for themselves.







  • Mario Lopez

    thank god this didn’t effect the outcome of the game, if it had, OH BOY, hope the defense is up to the challenge this weekend vs the purple pansies & old man river….

  • jfeust

    How about the completely blow tackle by Patrick Bailey (55) 🙁

  • edward ocepek

    That missed call was so damn obvious!
    Luckily the Steelers won the game.
    These “blind” Football refs are almost
    as bad as the “idiots” umpiring the YANKS/ANGELS!
    At least the SEC got it right when they suspended
    the clowns reffing the FLORIDA/ARKANSAS game!!