The Days Of Stefan Logan May Be Numbered

It was fun while it lasted, but the days of Stefan Logan being on the Steelers roster may be numbered. The Steelers gave up their 3rd kickoff return for a touchdown in 4 games today versus Cincinnati. Bernard Scott is not one that strikes fear in many teams either. While Logan has not really done anything bad in the return game as far as numbers go, he has made a few bad decisions and has yet to take one to the house. He also is used on the kickoff coverage team and his size makes him a huge liability.

It is not so much a knock on him as it is the need for a roster spot, especially if it appears Troy Polamalu will miss extended time after re-injuring his knee today. The Steelers have Tuff Harris on the practice squad who may be able to fill multiple roles. He is a natural free safety, but has shown he can excel on special teams. If not Harris, there are a few free agents out there, most notable, former Steelers special teamer Anthony Madison.

As far as the kick return game, both Mewelde Moore and Santonio Holmes can return punts and rookie wide receiver Mike Wallace can be the kickoff guy. You really do not lose much, plus you gain a roster spot normally used for a true 53rd man special teams player. Do not be surprised if Logan is released on Tuesday. You can clearly see though if you keep a guy like Logan on the roster, he has to really contribute and be worth the spot. Unfortunately, Logan has not.

ETA: I just remembered Madison was signed by the Colts last week. Regardless, Harris or another free agent may be an option.

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    he needs to get off the roster, give mike wallace a chance he had a kick and returned it 26 yards….

    get rid of jeff reed as well, such a pussy could of stopped scott.

  • Mario Lopez

    Jeff reed sees the writing on the wall & is trying to stay healthy, i agree he’s a pussy who can only beat up towl dispencers. Yes nice knowing ya logan, adios. i’m more ticked off that arians & ben are becoming way to pass happy, 40 passes to 18 rushes, & this wasn’t a blowout game, the biggest lead each team had today was 3 pts til the final 5 min when cincy took 18-12 lead, this offensive line isin’t good enough & ben takes way to many sacks to be dropping back 40 times a game…

  • Matt

    I would be shocked if Logan were cut at this point and I think it would be a huge mistake.

    We are ranked 8th in kick returns, last year 29th.
    We are ranked 20th in punt returns, last year 31st.

    This is an obvious marked improvement in our field position.

    That alone is reason enough to keep Logan. Not even considering the potential upside this guy has. Wouldn’t it be sick to cut him for a guy that has some “special team skills,” only to find out another team picked him up and he is the new Joystick of the league? I mean he is a rookie. He is still learning. Despite still learning, he has drastically improved our return game. I also think Logan is one of our best players stopping returns. Nearly every play he is the first guy down there because of his speed and if he isn’t making a tackle he is assisting by forcing the returner to react to his presence. I do not think his size has become a liability at all either. Finally, Logan has the ability to play on offense as well. Of course, we are unlikely to see that this season, as he is surely still learning the offense and Wallace’s emergence, but he likely could turn into an asset in that area as well when we find this guy another niche. ie: screens, short stints, gadget plays, reverses, etc. Again, all that is icing on the cake. I think he keeps the job simply for improving our return game and his potential.

  • Josh

    Logan isnt a rookie, he was in canada playing, where the Steelers scouts found him. He also did some preseason work for the Dolphins and Giants a couple years ago. I believe he has potential because of his speed but it take all 11 guys working together to make plays. Our special team is not working together, its made up of a bunch of guys who think they are to good to be on special teams. They dont realize that its how you make a team like the steelers, its how you show the coaches that you deserve to be given other assignments and a chance doing something else. Ask James Harrison or Hines Ward if they liked covering kicks, but its how they got the coaches attention, how they stayed on the roster, and how they made it to where they are today.

  • Matt

    Regardless of what you call him, it is his first regular season in the NFL. The point being that there is tremendous upside potential…which is just icing on the cake, because he’s already good enough to be our starter.

    Also you mentioned covering kicks, not exactly sure what you meant by all that as I think Logan is doing fine in that regard and showing he wants to be a team player.