2010 Steelers Free Agents & Players Under Contract

I was hoping to not have to post this for a while, but several people have already emailed me asking me about it. Below are the current players on the roster and their contract status. The Steelers currently have 18 active roster players who will be free agents in the offseason. I have designated if they are restricted or unrestricted free agents with a RFA or a UFA.

As of right now, the Steelers have 39 active roster players under contract for the 2010 season, 16 of which will be heading into their final contract year. I have designated the final year of each players contract next to all active roster players.

2010 Steelers Free Agents

LBBailey, PatrickEFA
TColon, WillieRFA
RBDavis, CareyRFA
CBGay, WilliamRFA
PSepulveda, DanielRFA
TESpaeth, MattRFA
GStapleton, DarnellRFA
QBBatch, CharlieUFA
LBBoiman, RockyUFA
SCarter, TyroneUFA
FSClark, RyanUFA
DEEason, NickUFA
NTHampton, CaseyUFA
DEKirschke, TravisUFA
RBParker, WillieUFA
KReed, JeffUFA
CBTownsend, DesheaUFA
WRGalloway, JoeyUFA

2010 Players Under Contract

QBDixon, Dennis2010
GEssex, Trai2010
ILBFox, Keyaron2010
LBFrazier, Andre2010
WRGrisham, Tyler2010
DTHarris, Ra\’Shon2010
THills, Tony2010
NTHoke, Chris2010
WRHolmes, Santonio2010
CLegursky, Doug2010
RBLogan, Stefan2010
DBMadison, Anthony2010
RBMoore, Mewelde2010
SMundy, Ryan2010
LSRetkofsky, Jared2010
CBTaylor, Ike2010
LSWarren, Greg2010
CBWilliams, Trai2010
OLBWoodley, LaMarr2010
CBBurnett, Joe2011
TFoster, Ramon2011
TEJohnson, David2011
CBLewis, Keenan2011
TEMcHugh, Sean2011
SSPolamalu, Troy2011
DESmith, Aaron2011
FBSummers, Frank2011
WRSweed, Limas2011
ILBTimmons, Lawrence2011
GUrbik, Kraig2011
WRWallace, Mike2011
ILBFarrior, James2012
CHartwig, Justin2012
RBMendenhall, Rashard2012
TStarks, Max2012
DEHood, Ziggy2013
DEKeisel, Brett2013
GKemoeatu, Chris2013
WRWard, Hines2013
OLBHarrison, James2014
TEMiller, Heath2014
QBRoethlisberger, Ben2015

  • Don P.

    Great stuff. Thanks for posting this. Your blog delivers excellent Steelers information. I read it everyday.

  • jim johnson

    A lot of those ’10 FAs need to go.

  • I think the Steelers should keep Jeff Reed, Charlie Batch,( if for no other reason than he is a great coach and role model), I still think Willie Parker has a lot to offer and should stay, and also Willie Colon. Thank-you. We are all great Monday morning quarterbacks.Jan dunlap

  • Tony P.

    Thanks for posting! Just what I was looking for. As for the UFA’s, I say good riddance to all but Batch, Hampton, and Kirschke. Eason’s not so bad, but he won’t be needed once A. Smith and Kiesel are healed up, and if/when Ziggy matures. At this point, Reed is a liability (very short kickoffs, and FG percentage is down.) There are a million FA kickers out there to choose from. Draft or pickup a coupls decent DBs to compliment Troy, and we got a team in ’10! (Also, my cousin from NH likes to complain a lot about the Steelers…this week he hates Spaeth, but next week who knows?)