Farrior\’s Time As A Steeler May Be Winding Down

Depending on how the final 4 games play out for the Steelers, it could be the final 4 games that inside linebacker James Farrior plays in a Steelers uniform. Farrior is under contract through the 2012 season, but will count nearly 4 million dollars towards a salary cap, if there is one in 2010. It is hard to imagine that the league will go into 2010 without one, but stranger things have happened. If there is not a salary cap then he could be asked to take a lesser role.

Statistically, Farrior\’s 2009 numbers will likely only be a little under par from previous seasons, but it is the things that you do not see on the stat sheets that clearly show he is declining in production. The defensive captain has clearly lost a step and it has dramatically affected his coverage skills. The most notable play you can point to this season was the week 3 game versus Cincinnati, in which Bengals fullback Brian Leonard beat Farrior on a crucial 4th and 10 pass play with the game on the line. While that was the most notable, there were several other instances since then that Farrior was exposed in coverage. “Potsie” has also been under fire from a communications and leadership standpoint this season as well. The defense has surrendered many 4th quarter collapses this season and while he was not totally responsible for the collapses, the finger pointing starts with the defensive captain.

No one can question the dedication Farrior has had to the Steelers organization as he was integral in bringing 2 championships to the Steel City, but if he some how stays a Steeler after 2009, he will likely be asked to take more of a reserve role and a pay cut if 2010 ends up having a salary cap. Regardless of what happens salary cap wise, he will surely be a player that the Steelers organization looks at in the offseason both systematically and financially going forward. Farrior is a warrior and will always have his place in Steelers history. It will be a shame if they have to cut ties with him like they did last offseason with linebacker Larry Foote, but it is a business and hopefully Farrior understands it.

  • steelers4eva

    farriors awesome he isn’t going anywhere i hope


  • admin

    I by no means insist he will be cut, but if there is indeed a salary cap in 2010, the Steelers may consider cutting him after June 1st. This would save nearly 3 million against the 2010 cap and the other 2 million would then count against the 2011 cap number. It is indeed highly unlikely, but a distinct possibility based on his play and what the Steelers have personnel wise after the draft. Just keep it in the back of your head.

  • Rob Henderson

    He will be asked to take a pay cut and will be a 2 down back next year. Time to put keyaron Fox and Lawrence Timmons on the field at the same time. They will try to keep him or he’ll end up in New England.

  • t1mmy10

    i agree about the assessment. but won’t cutting him only save about 825k with the cap next year? i think he’s worth that with the team even as a 2 down back (which he’ll be lucky to even have that job by the end of next year). i can certainly see him being cut the following year with when it will save closer to 2 mil and he will be 36.

    oh, and that 4th down catch and run by rice to save the game for the ravens…farrior was supposed to be covering him too. (not even going to go into the browns game)

  • admin

    If he is cut after June 1st he cost 1 million this year and 2 million against 2011 cap.

  • t1mmy10

    ahhh, forgot about that june 1st deadline.