Rashard Mendenhall Stats At 200 Carry Mark

Second year running back has now carried the ball 213 times in his young NFL career. I thought I would compile his stats for his first 200 carries and compare them to the some other running backs currently in the NFL at the same point in their careers at the 200 carry mark. You can see that Mendenhall is some great company at this point. He is 7th in yards and yards per carry thus far compared to the others at the same point. I also listed the stats of Willie Parker as well through 200 carries and as you can see, he has edged out Willie so far. I will examine these stats again after the season ends as Mendenhall should have 300 plus carries by then. It is way too early to get a firm hold on what Mendenhall may become, but as of right now, you would have to say things are looking promising going forward.

Running back stats at 200 carries

Adrian Peterson20012136.0755101623014.3860143
Maurice Jones-Drew20010565.287413535049.5151233
Ryan Grant20010425.21669321514.7221033
Clinton Portis20010305.154392424410.1738131
Joseph Addai2009984.99417362968.2221111
Ray Rice2009634.82603716228.7663111
Rashard Mendenhall2009594.80605191759.2120122
Chris Johnson2009584.79667352276.4925111
Steven Jackson2009374.69485282278.1128011
Frank Gore2009294.65726312608.3947066
Willie Parker2009254.63583151459.6748110
Ronnie Brown2008884.44654302197.3038144
DeAngelo Williams2008874.44752504208.4041221
Brandon Jacobs2008814.4121181516711.1343043
Marion Barber2008644.322811292508.6226030
Kevin Smith2008304.15507362797.7527021
Laurence Maroney2008264.13416221948.8231121
Knowshon Moreno2008214.11365191095.7427144
Cedric Benson2007753.883666274.509011
Marshawn Lynch2007633.82566151208.0023010
Matt Forte2007583.79504383088.1119300
LaDainian Tomlinson2007423.71548161408.7527043
Thomas Jones2006503.25296513476.8020064
Tim Hightower2006043.023012533947.4326220
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