Steelers 2010 Opponents

Below are the opponents on the Steelers 2010 schedule. The Steelers of course will play all 3 teams in the AFC North twice. They will play all 4 teams in the AFC East and all 4 teams in the NFC South. The 2 remaining games will be determined following week 17 as the Steelers would play the Titans and Raiders if the season ended today. I will add the final 2 opponents following week 17. The dates and times will not be announced until the official schedule is released.

Steelers 2010 Opponents

Home Games:
Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens
New England Patriots
New York Jets
Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
Oakland Raiders

Away Games:
@ Cleveland Browns
@ Cincinnati Bengals
@ Baltimore Ravens
@ Miami Dolphins
@ Buffalo Bills
@ New Orleans Saints
@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
@Tennessee Titans

  • Billkamm

    How are home/away match ups determined?

  • t1mmy10

    there are only 14 games right now. no way the other 2 are determined and won’t be until after week 17

  • Roger Ray

    12 win season

  • Jacob C.

    My friend likes the miami dolphins.. It will be a challenge to see if they beat them!! lol

  • Rob Adcox

    12-4. The Roethlisberger legal case gets tossed from lack of evidence. Steelers come on strong from midseason and prove unstoppable.