Top 10 Steelers Salary Cap Hits For 2010

While it is still too early to tell if the 2010 NFL season will be an uncapped year or not, I thought while I had the numbers pulled up, I would list the top 10 players who would count the most against a salary cap in 2010 if we have one. The figures are not exact, but should be pretty close. Aaron Smith, Ike Taylor and James Farrior are 3 players who may be under scrutiny if the Steelers do indeed have to worry about a cap number. Taylor will be in his final year of his contract as well in 2010.

POSPlayerEstimated 2010 Cap Hit
QBBen Roethlisberger$12,250,000.00
SSTroy Polamalu$8,295,000.00
LDEAaron Smith$6,600,000.00
LCBIke Taylor$6,530,000.00
LTMax Starks$6,420,000.00
OLBJames Harrison$6,355,000.00
WRHines Ward$4,850,000.00
TEHeath Miller$4,699,000.00
RDEBrett Keisel$3,925,000.00
ILBJames Farrior$3,825,000.00

  • steelers4eva

    ike is nowhere near worth that amount, although he always takes pay cuts.

  • JMG

    The NFLPA website has Ike’s salary at $3.5 million for next season. Where is the $6.5 million number coming from?


  • admin

    That is his base. You still have another 3 million of the amortized signing bonus to add.

  • ike taylor is a bust! if he gets 6 million a year then townsend should get 49 mill as both should be selling insurace or real estate in 2010

  • Ike, Troy, Starks and even Big Ben need to re-work their contracts to free up some space. Ben, just because if he’s smart, he’d like to pay some O linemen money to get better protection. Brady did it. The old 49’ers when they were winning SB’s did it. Keep a strong team together and happy. He can still get his money over a longer time. Ike and Starks should rework due to poor performance. Troy, just because he didn’t play to earn it. LOVE Troy, but he has missed major parts of 2 seasons with injuries. Not telling them to take huge cuts, but rework deals so the team has extra coin for draft and free agency.