2010 Steelers Compensatory Draft Pick Projections

A few people have emailed me concerning how many compensatory draft picks the Steelers will be rewarded for the 2010 draft. You have to start first with what they lost free agency wise last offseason. The Steelers lost what looks to be three qualifying players in free agency and they did not sign any that qualified as replacements for those lost players. The three players they lost that should qualify were, cornerback Bryant McFadden, wide receiver Nate Washington and quarterback Byron Leftwich. All three should qualify. As far as the rounds go for the compensatory draft picks rewarded, below are my projections. The official rewarding of compensatory draft picks is still a few weeks away and only the NFL knows the true formula for rewarding these picks.

Bryant McFadden – 5th round pick

Nate Washington – 5th round pick

Byron Leftwich – 7th round pick

  • t1mmy10

    per adamjt13’s set up from 2009:
    mcfadden is worth about a 4th rd (5 mil/year contract)
    washington is worth about a 5th rd (4.5 mil/year contract)
    leftwich is worth about a 6th rd (3.75 mil/year contract)

    it’s also worth noting that leftwich may not qualify since he only dressed for 3 games. mcdonald may qualify (although probably will not) since he was cut after week 11 and dressed for 4 games. ratliff may qualify since he was also cut after week 11 and dressed for 8 games. for both mcdonald & ratliff it probably depends on amt of money their contracts with the steelers were worth (if it was the min they won’t count, but if it was for more they have a decent chance). each one would then cancel out a draft pick starting with the later rounds first

  • admin

    Still do not see McDonald & Ratliff qualifying. I stand by my projections right now from what I know about how they are rewarded.

  • Josh Rowlands

    What about Alen Fanica. We lost him via fre agency and should get a fourth rounder for him, right?

  • admin

    Alan Faneca was lost to free agency prior to 2008 season, we have already been compensated for him.

  • Mean joe GENE

    the steelers drafted a OL pretty high last year i think Urbik from wisconsin. Whats the story on him and is he expected to play this year?