Could Jimmy Heggins Be The Steelers New Offensive Line Coach?

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was spotted last week at a University of Kentucky basketball game and speculation has mounted that Tomlin was not only there to do some pre draft recon, but maybe also visit with then offensive line coach Jimmy Heggins. Heggins has since been told he would not be retained by new Wildcat head coach Joker Phillips. Heggins said, he was going to hang around Lexington for a while and see what I can do as far as getting a job somewhere.

Heggins joined Kentucky in 2005 and offensive line was considered a strength of UK this past season, when they finished 21st in the FBS in rushing (191.23 yards per game) and allowed just 17 sacks. Before his stint with Kentucky, Heggins coached at Florida State for 19 years and was was named offensive line coach in 1994. At FSU he coached 10 Seminole offensive linemen who were selected in the National Football League draft that included Walter Jones and Tra Thomas.

This is far from a done deal, but with Heggins credentials, he very well could be the next offensive line coach for the Steelers. Stay tuned.

UPDATED: The Steelers hired Sean Kugler this evening as the new offensive line coach.

  • Rob Henderson

    Jimmy Heggins sounds like he has the goods and can help keep Ben Upright and Mendenhall moving the chains. Mike Tomlin Needs to hire the defensive coaches he wants NOW before they’re all gone. He need to prepare for LIFE WITHOUT LEBEAU NOW. I think this is and should be LeBeaus last season. The Steelers lost one Defensive assistant today and might lose the LB Coach Keith Butler to Miami(new DC for Miami maybe). Time to get going TOMLIN! Clancy Pendergast is out there( zone style coach tomlin likes for DB’s),Jim mora jr( Db’s or linebackers brings aggression) and Paul Pasqualoni( 3-4 experience), Dick Jauron ( DB coach great guy) and Brian Stewart all out there, so surround yourself with talented coaches.