Steelers 2009 Offensive Line Stats

I had a few emails this past week asking about the Steelers offensive line stats for the 2009 season. I finally got around to compiling them thanks to I have ranked the lineman by sacks allowed. I also included the sack yardage allowed, penalties as well as penalty yardage.

PlayerGamesStartedPenPen YardsFalse StartsHoldingSacks AllowedSack Yards
Max Starks161675534844.5
Willie Colon161664042838.0
Justin Hartwig161633103749.0
Chris Kemoeatu1212435134.537.5
Trai Essex1616320211.521.5
Ramon Foster14400000.53.5
Doug Legursky90000000
Tony Hills10000000

  • t1mmy10

    essex did a little better than i expected. and foster did decent. for some of those I wonder if they took into account if ben held onto the ball for 4+ plus seconds.

  • BennyBoy attributes 9 sacks for 39 yards to Colon.
    Although Flozell is no better, Colon is not a good NFL offensive lineman. Not a big loss. He shouldn’t have been playing tackle anyway. Maybe they’ll draft another tackle and move him to guard when they make the switch with Pouncey to center.

  • BennyBoy

    If you tally up the total sacks allowed by O linemen, it looks as though the statisticians are attributing 20 sacks to Ben and the remainder to the O line. Sounds about right.