Steelers Free Agent TE Matt Spaeth Likely To Be Tendered

Steelers GM and Director of Operations, Kevin Colbert, was interviewed on Sirius NFL radio following his press conference at the 2010 NFL combine. Colbert indicated that the 2010 draft class was very deep and the Steelers could address any position in the draft except for quarterback and tight end. Colbert sounded happy with the depth at tight end naming Heath Miller, David Johnson and Spaeth. The comments definitely had the sound that the Steelers have every intention of tendering Spaeth, who is a restricted free agent and having him back on the roster in 2010.

  • t1mmy10

    i’m disappointed the steelers want spaeth back. i dont think he’s worth the 1.1mil it would take to tender him.

    and another note, i understand if you don’t want ppl copy and pasting info from your site else where (hence the whole not being able to right click things), but it’s very frustrating when i’m trying to open windows as tabs, or trying to edit my own comment like the one i’m typing now.