2010 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

After long wait, I finally have my first mock draft of this offseason done. Much like when Axl Rose writes a song for a soon to be released album, I changed it and scrapped it several times. There are so many things that go into research for mock drafts. Team needs, player rankings and free agency. I never like to release a mock draft before free agency starts as I believe the first week of so of free agency can tell you a ton of what teams are thinking. I will likely have 2.0 out by April 1st and only suspect 4 versions at most. I do not have the want or do I think it is feasible to do a complete mock draft of all 7 rounds. It is ludicrous. I will however predict the Steelers picks by rounds as I did last year. I nailed 2 players last year in Mike Wallace and Ra\’Shon Harris although I had the wrong round on Wallace.

OK, bitch away, here is 2010 NFL Mock Draft 1.0!

1. St. Louis Rams – Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma – If I were the Rams, I draft Suh or trade down. I do not think Bradford is the real deal. The NFL is a quarterback driven league however and I suspect the Rams will do the wrong thing and draft Bradford.

2. Detroit Lions – Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska – Not even Matt Millen could screw up this pick. The Lions will get the best player in the draft at the number 2 spot. Suh is a man child and I am glad he will be in the NFC and not the AFC.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma – The Buccaneers have a ton of needs, but the 4-3 defense could really be boosted with a player like McCoy. The only temptation here would be Eric Berry.

4. Washington Redskins – Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State – Chris Samuels has now called it a career and the Redskins need a left tackle. Okung is solid and someone Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen can build around.

5. Kansas City Chiefs – Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa – Chiefs GM Scott Pioli is good friends with Kirk Ferentz, the Iowa head coach. Bulaga has quietly climbed up the ladder. Matt Cassel needs protection and Bulaga fits the bill with this pick.

6. Seattle Seahawks – C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson – The Seahawks have two first rounders and Pete Carroll will not wait to see if Spiller last until the 14th pick to get him. Not many mocks have Spiller going this high, but he is worthy of the #6 overall selection.

7. Cleveland Browns – Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama – The Browns picked up Scott Fujita in free agency and may move him inside. McClain can play both inside or outside and has a strong motor. Jimmy Clausen will be tempting here, but the sting of Brady Quinn still lingers.

8. Oakland Raiders – Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame – Raiders owner Al Davis knows that JaMarcus Russell is a bust. He needs a quarterback and he needs one now.

9. Buffalo Bills – Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers – The Bills need a ton of everything and selecting Davis is a great place to start. Some consider Davis the best tackle in the draft, so if he falls here, it could indeed be a steal.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars – Joe Haden, CB, Florida – The Jaguars have seen quite a bit of the Floridian to not get caught up with NFL combine 40 times. Haden is the perfect fit for this defense. It would not be too far of a stretch to see Haden fall here.

11. Denver Broncos – Eric Berry, S, Tennessee – Berry is a hard-hitting defensive back that can play almost anywhere in the secondary. Pairing him up with Brian Dawkins to learn from could pay dividends quickly for Josh McDaniels.

12. Miami Dolphins – Sergio Kindle, LB, Texas – The Dolphins need linebackers and Kindle is a type player Bill Parcells likes on his squad. Kindle is easily the second best linebacker in the draft. This is a great match.

13. San Francisco 49ers – Earl Thomas, S, Texas – Head coach Mike Singletary is slowly building an impressive defense. Thomas fits the bill for that defense

14. Seattle Seahawks – Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma – Pete Carroll got his running back at #6 and now starts getting help on the offensive line.

15. New York Giants – Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida – Giants need to get back to putting consistent pressure on the opponents quarterback. Pierre-Paul can be brought along slowly and has shown the potential to be a dominant pass rusher in the NFL.

16. Tennessee Titans – Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech – Kyle Vanden Bosch is gone. Morgan fits everything that defense needs and 16th is the right place for Morgan.

17. San Francisco 49ers – Mike Iupati, G, Idaho – Iupati is a versatile lineman that can play just about anywhere on the line. His intensity matches that of head coach Mike Singletary.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers – Taylor Mays, S, USC – The last safety the Steelers drafted out of USC turned out pretty good. The Steelers need depth at the position and with Clark being resigned, Mays can be introduced slowly and also contribute on game days on special teams.

19. Atlanta Falcons – Brandon Graham, LB/DE, Michigan – Graham is a tweaner, but a pure athelete. He will help the Falcons defense immediately.

20. Houston Texans – Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State – The Texans lost one corner named Robinson via free agency. They get their replacement Robinson at #20 who very well could be the best corner in the draft.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma – Gresham I think will go earlier than most think out of need. He is the best tight end in the draft and the Bengals desperately need one for Carson Palmer.

22. New England Patriots – Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri – Bill Belichick likes the type player that Weatherspoon is and will find a place for him. The kid has a high motor and an IQ to go along with it.

23. Green Bay Packers – Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State – The Packers need a shut down corner and help in the secondary.

24. Philadelphia Eagles – Jared Odrick, DT, Penn State – The Eagles need a pass rusher and will nit have to go far to find one. Odrick can play anywhere on the defensive line.

25. Baltimore Ravens – Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame – Despite signing Anquan Boldin and resigning Derrick Mason, Tate will be groomed for the future. He can be brought along slowly.

26. Arizona Cardinals – Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee – Cardinals veteran nose tackle Bryan Robinson will be 36 in June and Williams fits what the Cardinals are trying to do on defense.

27. Dallas Cowboys – Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State – Jerry Jones loves playmakers and kids with 5 cent heads. Jones will have no problem taking a chance on making a Cowboy one of his Cowboys.

28. San Diego Chargers – Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno State – LaDanian Tomlinson is gone and Sproles is not an every down back. Mathews will be drafted to handle the between the tackle type work.

29. New York Jets – Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland – Campbell is considered a project and the Jets have time to bring him along. this is a case of the best player available on the board.

30. Minnesota Vikings – Brian Price, DT, UCLA – Pat Williams needs a breather every now and again and father time is ticking on him. Price is excellent inside and can help spell Williams on passing downs.

31. Indianapolis Colts – Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida – Sooner or later Jeff Saturday will need to retire. Pouncey is the best center in the draft and can be groomed to replace Saturday on Sundays.

32. New Orleans Saints – Jerry Hughes, LB, TCU – Scott Fujita is gone. The Saints do not need much to stay competitive. Hughes is a play maker and will help ease the loss of Fujita later in the year.

  • Eric

    If they Mays I will PUKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • admin

    Of course you will. lol

  • Tim

    NOWAY the Steelers will take Mays with the 1st pick. His 40 may have been fast but he is not so on the field in coverage, nor is he known for ballhawing. Our resigning of Clark put an end to the dreams of anyone liking Mays as our first pick.
    The Steelers being a bright drafting team realize that a good tackle is what we need and/ or a great corner. Other than corner , no D will be taken with our first. Like i said, OT (Davis, Williams, Campbell), CB (Earl Thomas who plays both corner or safety/ or Kyle Wilson), maybe Pouncey if we trade down.
    One of those guys will be our first pick. Art Rooney made it clear we will become a running team again and that will start with the Oline. On defense, corner is our most glaring need.

    Dline and more back-ups will come with later picks.

  • ricky

    Mays! Are you sure man?

  • Tanner

    Mays will do big things for this team in the long run

  • admin

    It is sad to see so many influenced by the TV talking heads. Having talked to a few scouts personally, I stand by the fact that Mays will be a mid to late 1st rounder. Unfortunately most of you believe every thing you read on the internet and can not keep an open mind to form your own opinions. I remember a ton of negative pre draft and post draft comments from fans in regards to Troy Polamalu. Fans were claiming to be burning their Steelers jerseys after we traded up to get him. Much like the Obama supporters, you can’t find those people now and they never would admit if you did find them.

  • Rich

    I am of the opinion we should use our first round pick to strengthen the Off. Line. After the punishment our QB has endured over the last several seasons….it seems like the obvious choice to me. I agree the Clark resigning will put an end to drafting Mays.

  • Barry

    THE Most important position right now (outside of what is going on with Big Ben) has got to be the OLine. Have to agree with Tim on this one.

  • Tim

    “”Unfortunately most of you believe every thing you read on the internet and can not keep an open mind to form your own opinions. “”

    I certainly do not know who you were referring to there but i must say that as far as my comment, it has less to do with not believing that Mays will be great someday, and more to do with the fact that our team has bigger needs. Way bigger. Like at corner and our offensive line.
    Also, you got to remember that Rooney as made it clear he wants us to become a bigger running threat. That alone would tell me they need to focus on some good offensive lineman.

    My opinion is sound and based on intelligent thinking and it is not simply something i read. In fact, i find it hard to believe that there are people that think our focus should be anything other than Oline or corner. We need to get an impact player with our first pick especially, NOT simply another back-up. Rooney also said that he wants our top pick and rookies to see more playing time which would also lead me to believe that we will go for corner or Oline where we are at our weakest. How much time could Mays possibly see behind Polamalu and or Clark, barring injury of course?

  • admin

    Tim: Rooney also stated (video here: http://news.steelers.com/multimedia/MediaCenter/) it is not realistic to get young guys ready in a quick time and on the field. Regardless on WHO the pick is, you are really not thinking right if you believe that pick will be ready by week 1. Like it or not, the OLINE is what it is going into 2010 and I expect no changes to the starting 5. The safety position remains the biggest hole on the roster despite the Clark resigning. Will Allen is a swing safety, much like Tyrone Carter was. Ryan Mundy, well, is Ryan Mundy. Tuff Harris is a camp body. Nobody knows how the Keenan Lewis experiment will work out.

  • Jonthan

    OK I’m going to have to agree with a lot of the comments here not based on the internet, but the facts. The Steelers signed both Allen and Clark (SS) to long term deals. Mays is a Strong Safety as well. While Allen is not a starter he is a viable upgrade to what Carter brought to the table, both at safety and on special teams.

    Mays just doesn’t make sense at this point. The Steelers have added depth and upgraded the position enough to wait on taking a safety until a bit later on. ie. Harry Coleman out of LSU either in the third or fourth round. He is an understated playmaker/ballhawk with good length and size. A slightly less freakish athlete than Mays, but perhaps a better overall football player at this point.

    The Steelers have far greater needs than safety at this point, and they start on the offensive line. The Steelers will most likely have the opportunity to draft Iupati out of Idaho at 18 or they can trade down and still get Pouncey out of Florida at Center (the weakest position on the OL).

    The trade down will allow them to get another valuable pick in the second or third round that will enable them to get another safety like Coleman later on.

    If they go DB at all in the first round it will not be a safety unless Earl Thomas is still hanging around and that is highly unlikely. The pick would be a corner and with the second tier of corners having some real diamonds in the rough this year don;t be surprised to see them wait till the second round and draft a guy like Trevard Lindley out of Kentucky. They will put another 10 pounds of muscle on his frame, and he could quite possibly be the shutdown corner Pittsburgh has not seen since Rod Woodson in the 1990’s.

    I hate to disagree with you, but the pick just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense based on the immediate needs facing the franchise. I understand later on the team will need to get younger at safety, but looking long term you can’t forget there is a draft next year as well and with the players on the roster signed for at least 3 years (4 in Clark’s case), getting a project safety in the first round doesn’t accomplish what it would if they can get one later on.

  • Mike C.

    I am with the admin on this. The Steelers drafted 2 corners last year and it is way too early to give up on them, especially Joe Burnett. The way Troy plays, there is always a higher chance that he will miss some games. I am not too thrilled with Will Allen or Ryan Mundy depth wise and I personally think Taylor Mays is the second best safety on the draft board. He is a hitter as well and his style of play I believe fits perfect in the defense that Dick runs. I hope we get Mays.

  • John Shaffer

    Taylor Mays appears to be good but that is not what we need. We need to draft offensive linemen. How about that Pouncey guy from Florida or a left tackle. Come on. We are not intimidating. We need to get our power running game back. We need another Dermonti Dawson or at least a Jeff Hartings. We need a nasty O/L and run first, pass second mentailty. We can draft Defense later. We always have been able to find good talent. STEELER FOOTBALL.

  • Timdog

    I am hoping that Iupati will be around when we pick…but what if the situation with Ben gets bad before Draft Day? Do they go in a different direction…or do you still try for the best lineman you can get because Dixon is starting in Ben’s absents?