Just Because Tebow Has Good Character Doesnt Mean The Steelers Should Draft Him

Tim Tebow SteelersWith the latest Ben Roethlisberger allegations still going on and the 2010 NFL draft lingering right around the corner, I have been reading and hearing several comments from Steeler Nation suggesting the Steelers should draft Tim Tebow because of his altar boy like image. Yes, I am clearly aware that Ben\’s actions as of late have not been very Steeler like. I also am aware that Ben has not been charged with any crime. He has been judged already in the public opinion and regardless of the outcomes in Georgia and Nevada, Ben will always wear that scarlet letter right next to the Steelers logo.

Just because Tebow has a squeky clean image and happens to play quarterback is not reason enough for the Steelers to draft him. Especially not before round 5 as most fans are wanting. Even if by some slim chance Roethlisberger were to be suspended for a few games in 2010, Dennis Dixon would be your starter and has earned the chance to lead the team. Also it would not be surprised to see veteran Charlie Batch brought back or even Byron Leftwich should he be released by Tampa. The Steelers do not need a quarterback of the future right now. Merely suggesting the Steelers draft Tebow because of his Steeler like, good character image, is stupid.

After round 4 and assuming the Steelers have addressed several, more important needs in the draft, I could see Tebow as a possible selection, but still a remote one at that. Tebow was a great college quarterback, but so was Danny Wuerffel, another Florida quarterback. Wuerffel was drafted in the fourth round of the 1997 NFL Draft by the New Orleans Saints, but never materialized into a NFL QB and was out of the NFL in 2002. I know Tebow is saying all of the right things, but his path is trending the same of that of Wuerffel.

The Steelers will likely draft a quarterback late in the draft or sign one of the undrafted free agents following the draft as a camp arm, but trying to place Tebow on the Steelers because of his character is a foolish reason.

  • notjustasteelerfan


    I agree with you as far as Big Ben, But there’s a picture of Mr Tebow on Walterfootball.com that you and the rest of Steeler Nation should check out. Beacuse this young lady does not look like she belongs to any church Mr Tebow would be attending.
    Question, are you going to do a Mock draft just for the Steelers?
    Here’s mine.

    Taylor Mays FS
    Brandon Spikes MLB
    Jonathan Dwyer RB (if falls this far)
    Jeff Owens DT
    Greg Hardy DE/OLB
    Myron Rolle SS
    Clifton Geathers DE
    Jeff Byers C
    Cameron Seffield OLB

  • Tanner

    I don’t think Brandon Spikes will be there for our second round pick but if he is that would be nice. Another pick i would like the steelers to get in the 2nd round is Kyle Wilson, or Major Wright. Or if those can’t happen get Patrick Robinson.

  • notjustasteelerfan

    Yeah it would be nice if Mays at Spikes were available. But if the Steelers was going to draft a CB in the 2nd round, I hope they look at Chris Cook or Perrish Cox as well.