2010 Steelers 53 Man Roster Prediction

Ok, the draft is over, we have a good idea who the undrafted free agents are and mini camps have not even started yet. What a perfect time to throw out our best prediction of what the 53 man roster will look like. Ok, I lied! 54 man roster. Big Ben will start on the reserve suspended list and will not count as a roster spot. That means I have 54 on this list. Barring injury or any other unforeseen circumstance, here is my guess below.

2010 Steelers 53 Man Roster Prediction

Hartwig, JustinC
Pouncey, MaurkiceC/G
Burnett, JoeCB
Gay, WilliamCB
Lewis, KeenanCB
McFadden, BryantCB
Taylor, IkeCB
Eason, NickDE
Harris, Ra\’ShonDE
Hood, ZiggyDE
Keisel, BrettDE
Smith, AaronDE
Clark, RyanFS
Mundy, RyanFS
Essex, TraiG
Kemoeatu, ChrisG
Urbik, KraigG
Farrior, JamesILB
Fox, KeyaronILB
Reed, JeffK
Foote, LarryLB
Timmons, LawrenceLB
Warren, GregLS
Hampton, CaseyNT
Hoke, ChrisNT
Gibson, ThaddeusOLB
Harrison, JamesOLB
Woodley, LaMarrOLB
Worilds, JasonOLB
Sepulveda, DanP
Batch, CharlieQB
Dixon, DennisQB
Leftwich, ByronQB
Roethlisberger, BenQB
Dwyer, JonathanRB
Mendenhall, RashardRB
Moore, MeweldeRB
Redman, IsaacRB
Summers, FrankRB
Allen, WillS
Polamalu, TroySS
Scott, ChrisT
Colon, WillieT
Foster, RamonT
Starks, MaxT
Johnson, DavidTE
Miller, HeathTE
Spaeth, MattTE
Battle, ArnazWR
Brown, AntonioWR
Randle El, AntwaanWR
Sanders, EmmanuelWR
Wallace, MikeWR
Ward, HinesWR

  • dave

    Jonthan Scott from Buffalo signed a 1 year, no signing bonus type contract – basically just an invitation to come to Latrobe. I can easily see him getting cut if Chris Scott shows anything in camp.

    Definitely agree, Stefon Logan is gone. Either Sanders or Antonio Brown replaces him.

    I like to see the light switch go on for Limas Sweed and have him live up to his potential and make the final 53, but that’s just wishful thinking.

    One thing though – the Steelers have an almost 100% track record of an undrafted guy making the final 53. Last year Ramon Foster, Darnell Stapleton in 2008, etc…. Just based on history, it’s likely to happen -not sure who it might be….

  • The dane

    You really dont think Ryan Clark is going to make the roster?

    Also I really hope to see Stefan Logan in the mix. I think he could become a very effecient weapon with a better special team than last year.

  • admin

    dane, are you blind? get some glasses. dave the UDFA’s a very few this year and not as impressive. I am well aware of the J Scott signing.

  • JRob

    I think Legurski will be ahead of Essex. Hills may beat Scott. If Pouncey shines and moves into the starting lineup at center Hartwig maybe gone, as he maybe a question after off season shoulder surgery.

  • The dane

    Apparently I was… Just didn’t see him at first glans and when I searched the page for ‘ryan clark’ it didn’t show up. My mistake.

  • burgland6

    i think we carry 6 cbs this year. taylor,mcfadden.lewis,burnett,gay,butler. sweed and sanders will be on the roster. antonio brown goes 2 the practice squad unless they keep six wrs. at rb, mendy,dwyer,moore and summers at fb. also i think andre dixon makes da practice squad along with cromartie-smith. and ciron black will make the team this in hills spot

  • Jon

    Ciron Black might get in as a guard. He is a bigger guy than Scott is and though he played left tackle for 4 years, would do great as a guard and backup left tackle. These guys are almost clones of each other, except that Scott started at guard then moved to left tackle. He could take Redman’s spot since I don’t see much use for him.

  • JRob

    With a new line coach and a lot of new faces we may see a big change in the offensive line. We had an UDFA starting ahead of a high draft pick last year, and ahead of other draft picks from preceding years. The only high dollar player we have is Starks and he may not be immune to replacement.

    The big guys on the line that seem to fail in their assignments repeatedly and block air instead of defenders maybe finally at risk as well as the guys that continually fail to remember the snap count. Penalties and poor line play were drive killers last year. We had great stats just not enough points on the no points offense last year.

    I would love to see our line turn into a dominant line like it has been in the past, “the other team knows we are going to run the ball they just can’t do anything about it.”

  • Steve

    I know someone mention T. Hill beating someone out for a job and I doubt that. Last season, I watched this guy get blown off the line in short yard situations. The Steelers went and drafted that guys that will not get pushed back when on the LOS.

  • devon

    hartwig may have a hard time making the club , won’t be surprised if hartwig is cut and doug ‘bronco’ legursky is the new center for the steelers

  • martin

    I say Hartwig is cut and Legursky is the starting Center with Pouncey as back up and starting RG. Also, if they keep BBen, then I think Batch will be cut. I think Jonathan Scott will stay, especially when he came with Kugler, the new offensive line coach from the Bills. I don’t think Antonio Brown will make it onto the 53 roster.