Does Goodell Have Double Standards? Ben \”He Hate Me\” Roethlisberger Jerseys Coming Soon?

OK, I will make this rant short and sweet. When Trent Williams was announced as the Redskins #4 pick of the draft by Commissioner Roger Goodell, he was announced as Trent “Silverback” Williams. According to Rick Maese of the Washington Post, this was a joke the Commissioner was in on.

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Now forever the NFL has stood for the “No Fun League” and one day removed from the Ben Roethlisberger suspension, I find it kind of disturbing that the NFL would stoop to the level of the XFL. Was Goodell not talking about protecting the shield? Now I understand the Roethlisberger suspension. It is at least 2 games longer than what I thought it would be. I understand the media love of Tim Tebow. If Goodell could, he would redesign the logo to include Tebow silhouette in it like the NBA did with Jerry West.

Steeler Nation is split on Roethlisberger. That horse has been beat to death, but double standards do have to stop. If they don\’t, expect to see Ben “He Hate Me” Roethlisberger jerseys or Tim “WWJD” Tebow jerseys for sale on very soon. This would make Chad Ochocinco eligible to be the Commissioner in 15 years as well, wouldn\’t it? Hypocrisy anyone?

  • GJ

    God man Goodell is nothing more than a corporate schmuck. If he and the oh so pious NFL are all that concerned about character issues then why did they put the brain researcher that discovered the links to long term damage caused by concussions through so much hell. The man was not involved in sports and had no ax to grind. He was just doing an excellent job of pure research mostly on his own time to boot. IT IS ALWAYS about the money. All this player intimidation with contract negotiations looming next season, hmmm any connections there sports media?

  • Eric Foster, who??? Why are we not hearing his name and the sexual allegations against him?
    There is a double standard in the NFL. And for the Steeler fans who are saying that Ben is the only one on our team involved in ill behavior, really??? Look around, drugs, dui’s, domestic violence and yet the only one people want to talk about it Big Ben. In this country, you are innocent until proven guilty. Ben wasn’t found guilty of anything, in fact, there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him so why is he taking such a beating??? I’m not agreeing w/ his off field behavior, but I certainly don’t believe we can go around punishing people for moral violations!! And man the Colts are loving this!! They’re smart! They’ll let the Steeler Nation keep pouncing on it’s own, while they sit back and let the heat roll off Eric Foster.