Friday Steelers Poll Question: Steelers record through 4 weeks?

Assuming Ben Roethlisberger returns for game 5 versus the Cleveland Browns, what do you think the Steelers record will be at that point? Pretty straight forward question and I know it depends on who starts in his place, but just give me your best guess with what you know now.

  • jrob

    Lefty and Dixon will both be able to play better in the system with the preseason to get ready. Smith and Polamalu will be healthy. Our secondary will be better than last year. Special teams will be better by a tremendous amount. Last season we did not loose a game by more than 7 points and many were by 3 points. Look for a big set of changes in the line up this year and an offense that puts up at least 7 points more a game on average. We may also get through the season with out giving up a special teams touch down. The time off for the burger may have him in better shape to finish the season and we may at last have a running game that works in the red zone.

  • Vic

    Do you think the Steelers will be content with the receivers they have drafted and picked up in free agency or do you think they will try and pick-up/trade for a Veteran before the start of the season?