Roethlisberger Being Shopped For Trade For Top 10 Pick

ESPN\’s Adam Schefter reported this morning that the Steelers are indeed actively talking to teams about trying to get a top 10 pick for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on the eve of the 2010 NFL draft. Schefter mentioned Oakland, Buffalo and Seattle as teams that are interested in dealing for the soon to be suspended quarterback. After the Tuesday trade for Buccaneers quarterback and former Steeler #2 signal caller, Byron Leftwich, the Steelers now have four quarterbacks currently on the roster.

  • dave

    As I look at those options, I’d have to say Seattle is the best choice – assuming we’re talking about their #6 overall and #14 overall this year. Plus, they are in the NFC so we wouldn’t face them very often.

    Oakland doesn’t have a 1st rounder in 2011, so I can’t see them having the ammunition to make a strong enough offer.

    I said before, I’m ok with a trade, but it has to be a very strong offer – AT LEAST what the Broncos got for Cutler.

    I will be pretty upset if they trade Roethlisberger for let’s say, the Seahawks #14 overall or the Bills #9 overall and nothing else. Even with a 4-6 game suspension, Ben is worth more than Cutler. AT LEAST 2 first rounders. Dallas gave up 2 first rounders for Roy Williams, for crying out loud!

  • Mario Lopez

    Regardless of the Ben situtation, I’ve long thought Batch should have retired, & become our QB coach this past offseason…It would have been such a natural fit & easy transition for him & the team as well, especially with him being a hometown boy so to speak…

  • Derek Wilson

    I agree with you Mario… I also think that Batch should’ve retired and become our QB coach but oh well…. I guess we can pay him to be 3rd string and coach the other QB’s from that position…

  • JRob

    If the steelers trade the burger for 2 draft picks, a 1st and a third the team could pick up a lesser quality quarterback say tebow or other qb out of the 1st round and end up with a great left tackle,franchise center, good corner back and safety. With all of the upgrades possible by downgrading one position a trade might be the smart move. Tampa Bay, Oakland one of them might want to do a deal. Detroit might also be a willing partner, any of these teams might be willing to take a chance on a proven player with baggage to get rid of one of the biggest risks in football, drafting a bust or also ran instead of a franchise qb.

    The Steelers could win the big one with out a franchise qb if they surround him with other good players. They now have the chance to do that and they may pick up a good if not great quarterback this draft to get ready for the future.

    I think the burger is getting a raw deal with regard to this suspension as are the Steelers in that the penalty does not seem to be representative of the incident, particularly with no criminal charges or reliable evidence. To punish someone to this extent for allegations that a skilled prosecutor and highly trained and talented investigative team could not find enough evidence to support is wrong.

    Missing in the coverage of this entire incident is the active and determined effort the “victim” put forth into getting into this situation. The fraudulent ID to get into bars and consume alcoholic beverages the continued following of the qb from place to place and drinking prior to her involvement with him. This whole thing sounds like wait the check bounced I’ve been sexually assaulted.

  • dave

    Derek and Mario – Being a QB coach is a lot longer hours for a lot less pay than being the #3 or #4 QB. I’m not sure Charlie wants to do that….He’s financially set for life….I do hope he somehow stays affiliated with the Steelers, though.

    Back to the Ben trade – the one rumor I saw today on was depressing! We’d give Ben and OUR pick #18 to the Raiders to move up to #8! We give up the franchise to move up 10 spots in round 1! Geez, I hope that doesn’t happen! Old Al Davis would be laughing his butt off after screwing the Steelers like that.

    If that’s all they can get, just hold onto Ben. You can’t just dump him for nothing.

  • cb

    the thing is….they won’t keep 4 qbs…who will be the odd man out, when ben comes back?