Steelers 2010 Day 2 Draft Wrap Up

Day one was excellent in my opinion for the Steelers when they drafted Florida offensive linemen Maurkice Pouncey. Pouncey fit a need can contribute right away more than likely and is versatile. Day 2 of the draft in my opinion was not as fruitful. They started with talk that the Steelers wanted to move up in round 2. Smoke screen? Perhaps, but one really never knows for sure. Either it was a smoke screen or the price was just too much.

In my opinion things were going the perfect way for the Black and Gold as a few players were sliding down the board. A lot of the fan base was hoping for Golden Tate, the Notre Dame receiver, to be the round 2 selection, but I had good word that the Steelers were not high on him despite a pre draft visit. As it got closer to the Steelers pick, I am sure the eyes of Colbert and company were on free safety Taylor Mays. Mays at one time was a 1st round talent that fell into the 2nd round after the combine. Regardless, I thought for sure a defensive back was the pick with free safety being the preference followed by cornerback.

The pick was announced as outside linebacker Jason Worilds from Virginia Tech. Worilds is a stand up OLB in the NFL, a classic tweener type for the 3-4. In my opinion he looks better in drills then on film. He will not contribute right away except for special teams hopefully. He has a ton to learn and I feel he was a reach in round 2 especially with the needs the Steelers have in other areas. If linebacker was the play, I saw inside linebacker as a better play with perhaps drafting Penn State local, Sean Lee. This tweeners scare me.

On to round 3, the defensive backs were pouring off the draft board early on in round 3, with half of the first 12 3rd round picks being defensive backs. The value was now gone at the position except for cornerback Brandon Ghee from Wake Forest. The Steelers opted instead to go wide receiver in the 3rd as they did last year with Mike Wallace. They selected small school speedster and leaper, Emmanuel Sanders. Sanders played in the June Jones spread offense, but is a north south lid remover that can leap out of buildings.

The Sanders pick now screams that the organization is admitting that Limas Sweed is indeed a bust. I even predicted a late wide receiver like Joe Webb in this draft, but not this early. The Steelers now will almost certainly be forced to carry 6 receivers on the 53 man roster, which in my opinion is one too many. You can also say goodbye to Stefan Logan now it is plain to see. Sanders has returned kicks and will be thrown into the large pile of guys to see who emerges as the new return man. I am betting it is not Sanders. If receiver was the play here, Jordan Shipley from Texas would of been a much better pick here.

Except for LaMarr Woodley and Mike Wallace, the Steelers 2nd and 3rd round picks have not been stellar since 2006. Anthony Smith and Willie Reid were both 3rd rounders in 2006 and the Steelers traded their 2nd round pick that year for Santonio Holmes. Woodley was a 2nd round pick in 2007 and Matt Spaeth was the 3rd round pick that year. 2008 brought us Limas Sweed in the 2nd and Bruce Davis in the 3rd. 2009 brought us Wallace along with Kraig Urbik and Keenan Lewis. While it is too early to throw the towel in on Urbik and Lewis, last year sure did not give you a great feeling about either.

Saturday is the final day of what is considered a deep draft. Hopefully I feel better as good about day 3 as I did after night one. I am going to sleep on day 2, but right now would have to grade both picks today a D minus.

  • dave

    Yep, I agree… I’d give Pouncey an ‘A’, but I’m not too thrilled about round 2 or 3 right now…. Hopefully they do better tomorrow. They still have 7 more picks. I wouldn’t mind them trading up in round 4, burn 1 or 2 of those 5ths to move up near the top of the round. There are still some big names out there. For one example – Bruce Campbell is still on the board – huge fall for him – I saw plenty of mocks with him going to the Raiders at #8 overall. Lots of talent still out there.

  • JRob

    Earlier I posted that I thought our front office was nuts for these last 2 picks in the draft. Now I maybe reconsidering my thoughts on these guys. The outside line backer prospect could develop into a good player at a new position, for him, over time. His initial use would be special teams which were terrible last year and I think cost us at least 3 games last year. Our third pick maybe our new return man and become our 3rd or 4th wide out, he is fast and can catch. This maybe the last year for Ward and Randal El. next year we could have our top receivers as Sweed, Wallace, and this new guy. Sweed did not have trouble getting open, just catching the ball. I hope what ever demons he had to get past he did.

    As to our offensive line we may have only had room for one more and we may see the following guys on the field for us when we get to 53 guys. Starks, Hills, Colon, the tackle from Buffalo, Kemo, Urbik, Foster, Pouncey, Hartwig, and Legursky. That’s ten offensive linemen and after this year we may loose Hartwig and have room to try for a great offensive linemen depending on where we pick.

    As to defensive linemen we have an older bunch but until they drop off a lot it is not likely for a high draft pick to start ahead of them. We may still find a defensive tackle that is quick rather than massive and add him in as an end.

    We may have to upgrade inside linebacker and corner and safety next year. The only things I see adding to our team this year might be a running back and some projects that hit the practice squad or manage to bump some of our bottom tier guys and play special teams.

    I just don’t think more than 5 draft picks make the team unless we are picking in the top 5 spots in the draft and have needs everywhere.