Steelers Rookies Get Jersey Numbers

Well the release has come out of the new jersey uniform numbers for the Steelers latest 2010 class of rookies to join the team.

Some interesting notes:

If I am Antonio Brown, I take that #14 to a priest and let him exorcise the demons from it.

Not many choices left for #1 draft pick, Maurkice Pouncey. #52 is surely off limits although not retired.

Doug Worthington running around in Greg Lloyd\’s #95 will look weird.

Looks like Virginia Tech DT Demetrius Taylor is indeed a fullback now with #38. That should be fun to watch.

While it needs to be updated, here is the Steelers All-Time Jersey Numbers

Brooks, DorianG77
Brown, AntonioWR14
Butler, CrezdonCB40
Cromartie-Smith, Da\’MonS42
Dwyer, JonathanRB41
Gibson, ThaddeusOLB90
Jolly, KyleT67
Pouncey, MaurkiceC/G53
Sanders, EmmanuelWR18
Scott, ChrisT71
Sylvester, StevensonLB47
Taylor, DemetriusFB38
Thompson, CordarrowNT67
Thornton, JustinS46
Trump, A.J.C/G69
Witten, LindseyOLB39
Worilds, JasonOLB97
Worthington, DougDT95

  • dave

    I’m curious why they haven’t given Pouncey his number. I assume they don’t want to give him #63 – maybe he’s waiting for Legursky or Hills to get cut to take #64 or #66? Or he’s trying to work a deal with Urbik for #65? My understanding is, he can’t have a number in the 50s – it has to be between 60 and 79.

    Lots of demons in #14, going all the way back to SB XXX !

  • admin

    dave, per rule 5 section 1, article 2, centers can have #s 50-59 & 60-79 if 50-59 are unavailable. Offensive guards and tackles must wear 60-79. The Steelers have Pouncey listed as a C/G. Not that I think he will wear a number in the 50’s, just want to make sure I educate you with the correct facts.

  • dave

    Ok, thanks, I wasn’t 100% sure about that. Maybe he will take a number in the 50s then?

  • mike

    Thanks for the rule statement – I didn’t realize guards couldn’t wear 50-59, but come to think of it we haven’t had one non-center 50s number in a long time (e.g., Kolb). Difficult for Pouncey – he may have wanted to wait for a number to open up but given NFL merchandising I bet #1 draft picks may get locked in early and do not change after preseason. I was thinking he would wait for #55 i(his brother’s number) if Bailey didn’t make it past the slough of new drafted linebackers.

    How does the slash come into play? I remember Kordell being listed as QB/WR that allowed him to hang on to #10 – this was before the rush for WRs to get numbers in the teens.

  • SteelRose

    Does anybody know when the Rooneys will announce Pounceys jersey number? The teams site has the updated 91 player roster complete with assigned jersey numbers- EXCEPT McFaddens and Pounceys. Now, we all know B-Mac is offering Keenan Lewis some cash for his old #20, but where the hell is Pounceys number!?!?! And whats taking the Rooneys so long with giving him the number he deserves… 63. Give him 63.
    REMEMBER!!!- Cowher tried to give 88 to Burress, he turned it down like an arrogant ass, only to shoot himself. Pouncey IS an athletic, pulling CENTER, our FRANCHISE center- give him 63 NOW!!! Go ahead and ask Dirt for his blessing if needed, Im sure he sees what we see and would okay the number in a heartbeat. What the hell are we waiting for!!!
    Im hoping we have a press conference this Friday at OTAs and announce Maurkice Pouncey, #63.

  • SteelRose

    If the Rooneys dont give him 63, Ill be pissed, but then I would assume his jersey number to be 61. Since Shipley hit the road, its available. But the I bet the Rooneys see Dawson in Pouncey, and he must wear 63.

  • dave

    SteelerRose- If they were going to give him #63, they could have done it when they gave everyone else their numbers. I’d have to assume he’s waiting for a number that somone else already has, like 55, 65, 66, 64 – who knows?

    P.S. 61 is taken too – Retkofksy the long snapper.

  • cI

    On the Steelers website it has Pounceys number as 53.

  • dave

    cl – yeah, I just saw that too. I wonder what the hold-up was? They could have announced #53 days ago with the rest of the rookies. Seems like #53 wasn’t his first choice.

  • cI

    I agree dave. I bet he got pressured into choosing too fast. Looks as though Mcfadden is holding out strong for his old number. Wonder what it will end up costing him?

  • SteelRose

    When I heard 53 I was taken aback, immediately thinking Haggans. However if you look into the number DEEPER, youll see Webster +1, Dawson -10 OR Websters 5 and Dirts 3.
    That is until I really started thinking about it. Pounceys number in college was 56. And on the current 91 man roster there are TWO 53’s, MP and a 1 year LB Johnny Williams from Kentucky. Whats that all say to me?- DONT BUY A #53 POUNCEY JERSEY, HIS NUMBER IS GONNA CHANGE!!!

    My guess is a change to 66 in due time. Tony Hills is on his last toenail, and the number of OT/OGs we have on the roster, including Foster, Essex, both C. and J. Scott, Colon, Urbik, that means his shot is a long one; he also never wore a hat. And I can see MP going after 66 since 56 is a lot closer in look.

    Also, an NFL rule states that 50-59 use for olineman is fine IF ALL 60-69 are used. Therefore, I cant see us keeping Hills OR both Long snappers, who wear 60 and 61. Peace

  • dave

    I think it was a pretty safe assumption that they weren’t giving Pouncey #52 or #63 – those are on the “unoffically retired” list like 12, 32, 58, 75.

    As for Johnny Williams having the same number, no big deal – if Williams makes the final 53 man roster (slim to none chance), they’ll give him another number.

    But, it will be interesting to see if Pouncey sticks with #53 or he switches to maybe #64, #65, #66 after cuts are made in August/September.

    SteelRose – I agree about Tony Hills – it wouldn’t totally shock me if he was one of the 10 guys that gets cut before they even go to Latrobe.

  • admin

    Steelers CB BryantMcFadden will wear jersey #20 as in first stint here. KeenanLewis switches to #23

  • dave

    I also noticed – Emmanuel Sanders changed from #18 to #88 and Antonio Brown changed from #14 to #84, and it looks like AJ Trump has been ‘trumped’ by Bradley Vierling. (sorry I couldn’t resist). Trump had #69 yesterday and today Vierling has it, and I don’t see Trump’s name anywhere.

  • Danielle

    what Emnanuel changed his number to 88… ok i will try to find it because i was a big fan of him when he was in Collage thanks