Steelers Sign UDFA C Bradley Vierling From Vanderbilt

As I noted this morning in my around the web segment, it appeared as if Vanderbilt center Bradley Vierling would be signed as an undrafted free agent. According now to the Tennessean, Vierling signed a free-agent football contract with the Steelers on this morning. The Steelers liked his versatility and how he worked against Tennessee nose tackle Dan Williams. If indeed this signing holds, that would push the Steelers roster to 91 players.

  • dave

    Here’s another “rules” question – I thought the roster limit was 80 under contract? There is no NFL Europe exemption anymore. I thought 80 was the hard upper limit. With this signing, aren’t the Steelers at 81 under contract? Shouldn’t we expect to see someone else get cut to make room for this guy?

  • admin

    dave, Ben is suspended and can not participate with team until cleared by evaluators. Thus the extra exemption if my sources are correct.

  • dave

    Ok, that makes perfect sense. thanks

  • JRob

    I see 91 in the article and 81 in your posts. Regardless of the number 54 till Ben comes back will be on the roster and possibly 8 on the practice squad. And after that we will be down one more. So at least 20 of these guys will not make the team or practice squad.

    We continually hear how important the draft is and yet if we replace about 20% of the team only 10 guys are likely to make the team. So are we just replacing last seasons back ups with this seasons back ups?
    It seems to me the unit most likely to see a lot of changes is the offensive line. New coach, new guys, 1st round draft pick, and the area on the team that needed the most improvement.

    I find myself looking forward to our top three picks every year as these should always be future starters. It seems every year we are only on one out of three.

  • admin

    You guys should really learn to read and comprehend better. I think you read the title, post a response and come back 2 weeks later to read the post. :smacksforehead: