The Santonio Holmes Trade Should Not Have Shocked You

Steeler Nation as usual is divided into 2 camps this morning. Those that see what the Steelers did with Santonio as being a business move made from a business and organizational stand point and those that think the Steelers got robbed on a Sunday night.

How soon everyone decides to ignore the facts amazes me. First, Tone had become a bigger problem. His recent legal Orlando troubles along with a looming alleged 4 game suspension for violating the NFL\’s Substance Abuse Policy were only starters. His follow up actions are Twitter were embarrassing as well, especially in light of everything that has already happened with Big Ben.

Holmes was also entering the final year of his contract and it had become apparent that the Steelers were not too crazy on giving him Greg Jennings type money, especially in light of everything that has happened this offseason.

I tried to give Steeler Nation a heads up that he could be going the same path as Plaxico Burress. I told you to be weary of a trade as well. This was not a Nostradameaus prediction, it was merely a clearly minded reading of the tea leaves without rose colored glasses on. Hey, but if you want to pat me on the back, go ahead.

Perhaps Randle El, slipped as well when he said he was going to be the #3 receiver. No, not really, but it was curious that he and Arnaz Battle were both signed to a team that has a ton of wide receivers on it fighting for 5 or maybe 6 spots. That was not even counting head case, Limas Sweed, who the organization claims they have not given up on.

Also take into account all of the pre draft receiver visits. A few may be a smoke screen, but including todays visitor, Antonio Brown of Central Michigan , that brings the number to 7 wide receiver visits of a possible 30 visits. That is no smoke screen, folks.

Lastly, you forget great receivers with baggage usually do not fetch much in trades. Just lool at Randy Moss. Moss will surely be a Hall of Famer and in his prime was traded from the Raiders to the Patriots for a 4th round pick. The Rooneys got what they could get for Holmes and needed to do it prior to the draft. Hanging on to a developing club house cancer who was likely gone after 2010 for a mere compensatory pick, was not the right choice. The time to move Tone was now and the Rooneys knew this.

  • dave

    I agree 100%. The handwriting was on the wall when they brought in Dez Bryant and Golden Tate and the 5 other WRs for the pre-draft visits.

    I’m disappointed he was only worth a 5th rounder, but it is what it is. Santonio is somewhat “damaged goods” with the 4 game suspension.

    Also, just IMO, I would not be afraid of Dez Bryant at pick 18 if he falls to us. I think his reputation as having “off field issues” is overblown. He broke an NCAA rule about contacting agents. He didn’t get arrested, wasn’t drunk driving, wasn’t smoking pot, wasn’t beating up his girlfriend, etc.. I don’t think he’s a troublemaker.

  • Tanner

    I know they could’ve done a lot better than a 5th round pick!!! You can trade Limas Sweed for a 5th round pick

  • Tanner

    Also about the Randy Moss trade. First Randy was old, Homes isn’t, secondly were not the raiders who take a wide receiver that can’t catch in the first round last year with a low pick, and finally the steelers aren’t a dumb team like the raiders are.

  • D. Burton

    dave says:
    Santonio is somewhat “damaged goods

    if he’s damaged goods, what is Ben, roten food ?

    I rather have a pot smoking receiver than a rapist !