Why 91 On The Steelers Roster?

I was asked via email why the Steelers now have 91 players on the roster. That 91 really is a floating number. NFL teams are only allowed 80 signed players on a roster at any given time. You see, the Steelers drafted 10 players, but none of those 10 players are under contract yet. The Steelers have now signed 9 undrafted free agents after today\’s signing of Bradley Vierling. As the draft picks are signed, one of the undrafted players or offseason signed free agents will be released to make room. I know what you are thinking though, numbers still add up to 81 though. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is not allowed to participate in the Steelers offseason activities until he completes the evaluation and is cleared by the league. The Steelers have been granted an extra roster spot I am sure until he is cleared by the league. This would then be the extra player that gives the Steelers 81 players under contract right now.

  • Brian

    Thanks for this. It does indeed make total sense and I have been confused as why we are over 80 players. I did not even consider the fact the draft picks were not signed. I found your site via an article on another Steelers blog and I like this one better as people do not act like children on here. The other site has a handful of regulars that post so much, they drown out those that do not post a bunch. If you dare side opposite one of them with an opinion, the other regulars rush to their defense. It is so childish on there.Keep up the great work.