Monday Steelers Poll Question: Which quarterback do you hope starts the season?

Now that we have seen the initial quarterback rotation during mini-camp. Which quarterback do you hope starts the season for the Steelers in place of the suspended Ben Roethlisberger? Please vote only once and remember that the poll is only up for 24 hours.

  • J.Rob

    Lefty had played well for us in the past when ben was out and helped us get to a bowl. He is familiar with the offense and does not hold the ball excessively. A running game will be a big plus for our offense this year particularly on 3rd and one! I look for our offense to be more productive in what we all hope is the last year of the BA no points offense. Dixon maybe a good developmental qb and can be brought along at a slower pace and given mop up duty through out the season. This will aid his game and may allow him to become the number two and the eventual replacement for the burger. Fullback and a big back should allow us to pick up 3rd and short and keep mendenhall fresh instead of running the wheels off of him like they did fast willie.