Steelers Six From Around The Web – Friday May 7th

The Oakland Raiders released former No. 1 overall draft pick JaMarcus Russell on Thursday after a three-year tenure marked by his high salary and unproductive play on the field. Hard to believe even Al Davis is admitting defeat so soon, but in a non salary cap year, it is a chance to get out from under the future cap charge. has Russell as the No. 1 all-time bust.

WTAE-TV reporter, Josh Taylor, tweeted a little known fact yesterday that Jamarcus Russell has the 2nd worst completion percentage of any quarterback drafted 1st overall. Terry Bradshaw has the worst. is accepting questions for third-round draft pick wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

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Jack McCallum, the author of the Sports Illustrated cover story featuring Ben Roethlisberger joined the Vinnie and Cook show on 93.7 to talk about how the city has turned on their quarterback. Audio is below.

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The NFLPA is threatening to boycott three prominent Indianapolis hotels during the NFL Scouting Combine next year as a show of support to hotel employees. I don\’t know what to think about that. Seems the NFLPA needs to just stay out of it.

I just did not realize how much footage of the Steelers was on Hulu. Check out the archive of Games of the Week. Goes all the way back to 2002 Browns at Steelers game. Plenty of great viewing on that page.

I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • J Rob

    Looking at the magazines listed above and the hack job journalism that seems to be so prevalent in the print venues both in the entertainment and what passes for news in the modern era I have had more reason to not purchase any of the things printed. It seems we have a culture of “my minds already made up do not confuse me with the facts”.
    As a former police officer with a considerable amount of experience and operator of my own investigation company for a number of years, I think the job that was done by the major crime unit in Georgia as well as the Prosecutors office was outstanding. The fact that the results of this investigation were lost on the media types that were only after a flash for attention shows them to be utterly worthless for reading material.
    I am sure that many other people besides myself enjoy reading blogs such as this one for news and information as well as exposure to the opinions of others that is presented more often than not in a manner that is superior to the waste of type that the press puts out.
    It is something when a man who can not be charged with a crime and may not have done anything other than exercise poor judgement can be fined through his lost wages much more than a person who kills another person and is convicted or pleads guilty in our court system.
    Of no mention is the culpability of the supposed victim in this instance for her actions that contributed to this incident. Of particular note was her plan to go out and illegally consume alcoholic beverages via the use of a fraudulent form of identification that required planning before the fact. Further she and her vulture like sorority sisters followed their intended target from place to place for the entire evening as though they were orbiting a dying animal waiting for an easy meal or in this case possibly a free night on the town as they had probably done in the past. Secondly why was she this person of such high moral fiber out drinking with any number of guys instead of her boyfriend who was so upset this happened?
    Sorry for the soap box speech but I feel people should be held accountable for their actions and not given a free pass because they were some how hurt by events. In this case the lush appeared to get a free ride.

  • J Rob

    Re; I just did not realize how much footage of the Steelers was on Hulu. Check out the archive of Games of the Week. Goes all the way back to 2002 Browns at Steelers game. Plenty of great viewing on that page.

    That is a great site I spent a bit of time viewing those games and related content and found it to be very enjoyable. Thanks for the heads up.