Steelers Six From Around The Web – Thursday May 6th

Sports Illustrated writer, David Epstein, speculates if the head injuries suffered by Ben Roethlisberger over the years may offer any insight into his recent alleged behavior. Carl Prine touched on this as well for the Pittsburgh Tribune last month.

Ben Roethlisberger jersey sales have taken a nose dive in the month of April. Roethlisberger had ranked 11th in the NFL for the year ending March 31st. Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow saw his jersey was at No. 1 for the month of April.

Steeler Nation has been asking how the 49ers got around the 30% rule with the new Patrick Willis contract. Mike Florio explains it here. This could affect how the Steelers look to get a new deal done with LaMarr Woodley as well. Woodley is entering into the final year of his rookie contract.

Speaking of Woodley, the Saginaw High grad will host his third annual youth football camp Saturday, June 12, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. at Saginaw High School in Michigan.

ESPN AFC North blogger James Walker speculated on his blog if the “Steel Curtain” will be back in Pittsburgh in 2010.

Sporting News writer Vinnie Iyer list his five Steelers players that are pivotal in filling the gap left by Ben Roethlisberger in the first 4 games. I am not so sure though that Maurkice Pouncey and Jonathan Dwyer belong on that list. You usually do not see rookie make many contributions other than special teams for the Steelers. I agree with the other 3 though.

  • dave

    Couple things –
    About the head injury theory – I think there could be a lot of truth to that. Not saying it excuses Ben’s behavior but maybe it explains Ben’s behavior. Look at the history of Mike Webster, Justin Strelzyck, Terry Long, etc. Ben has had at least 2 serious concussions plus his motorcycle injury in the past few years.

    Woodley contract – I’m sure the Steelers will be able to work something out. They haven’t let a good young player go in free agency in a long time, since before they moved to Heinz Field. They do a good job of keeping their own home-grown stars.

    About Vinnie Iyer- I agree –Especially if you’re just focusing on the first 4 games, I think it’s questionable that Pouncey will even be on the field. That’s not the Steelers style, going way back. Very few rookies are opening day starters. (Although Pouncey does seem like he could be the exception to that rule)

  • Martin

    It would be pretty great if the Steelers can draft Pouncey’s twin brother in next years draft and have him play guard while Maurkice plays center. That might confuse the hell out of the other team.

  • Eric

    I’m sorry but as a survivor of a MAJOR Concussion myself, I have to call out the Bullshit flag on Ben’s horrendous behavior resulting from his past Concussions !!!!!

    All the other athletes and people (like myself) that have suffered from severe Concussions, our personalities were NOT CHANGED into Anti-Social, Narcissitic, Egotistic behaviors !

    Yes, Concussions “may” change a person’s personality some, but they will NOT CHANGE a person’s VALUES, MORALS and/or ETHICS !!!!!!

    Ben’s major problem is his is and always will be a Narcissistic Egomanic bordering on being a Sociopath! Experts will tell you these Personality traits CAN NOT BE REHABBED !