Steelers Six From Around The Web – Tuesday May 11th

Steelers guard Trai Essex, center Justin Hartwig and h-back Sean McHugh dropped in to visit patients who were getting treatment at the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center. It is so good to read about stories like this.

Defensive end Aaron Smith is ready for the upcoming season as he has rehabbed from major shoulder injury and ready to fool everyone in 2010 at the age of 34. Smith\’s son Elijah has also made remarkable progress recovering from cancer and all signs point to him making a full recovery. I can\’t wait to see Smith back on the field.

Scott Brown blogged about defensive line coach John Mitchell and the age of the defensive line. Mitchell states that Ziggy Hood is coming along fine in his development and that he will be ready to start sooner rather than later should the Steelers need him.

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AP sports writer Alan Robinson has a story claiming Ben Roethlisberger has worn out his welcome in Pittsburgh. I think the story is a bit over the top myself and do not think the fan base is so one sided as Robinson suggest in the article. has the complete 2010 NFL preseason national TV schedule posted on the website. Analyst Bucky Brooks looks at five teams that face pivotal decisions surrounding quarterbacks in the 2010 season. The Steelers of course being one of the five.

Dale Lolley blogged about how the drug suspension of Texans linebacker Brian Cushing could have an effect on linebackers LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison moving forward.

  • jrob

    The big Ben has worn out his welcome story is not fit to line a bird cage. One AP has really gone down the tubes with their disregard for facts. For this tool to know what people are booing, the player or the punishment is a reach to say the least. In following the message boards there are a lot of fans that think the suspension was excessive. There are also some who wanted to see stiffer fines and punishment. Many of these people are only going by the opinions of others that they see posted on the web. We have seen a great deal of my minds all ready made up don’t confuse me with the facts type of reporting in the past.

    Is there outrage over LT and his rape of a girl that was not of legal age to consent? Not a bit that I can see, also this guy was arrested and charged.

    I think most all of the stories regarding Ben are for the most part a bunch of crap trying to get attention for the author and nothing more.

    In reality is Ben some mystical being that is super human?, nope just a person like the rest of his with his own strengths and weaknesses. One of his strengths is his ability to play football at a very high level, and were it not for this his over reported and under researched behavior in Ga. would not have been a blip in anything but the local paper in a town nobody heard of.

  • jrob

    The return of Smith on the defensive line will be a major step forward for us this year, as will the newer trimmer Casey. We will have a good bunch of linemen this year that we can hopefully keep fresh all game. With a renewed dedication to the run we may not have so many 1-2-3 punt or gain 40 yards and punt just out of field goal range as last year. If our offense could have put up one more TD in the 7 games we lost last year we would have won 6 and tied the 7th.

    Our defense was given some bad press last year that was I think not deserved. If this high powered offense can not generate 28 points a game there is something wrong, that’s only one TD per quarter. I do not think that is an unreasonable expectation.

    Our defense also did not let all of those punts and kickoffs come back for TDs either. I look for a more dominate defense this year that will bailout the high stats low point offense that BA puts out again this year. I for one do not think the game winning play in our last super bowl was made by a wide receiver but by James Harrison who at very least made a 10 point play and most likely made a 14 point play at the end of the 1st half.