Steelers Six From Around The Web – Wednesday May 19th

The Steelers resumed OTA mini camps on Tuesday and head coach Mike Tomlin held a press conference afterward s. Here is the transcript.

The QB rotation remained Byron Leftwich No. 1, Dennis Dixon No. 2 & Charlie Batch No. 3 as the OTA\’s continue on through this week. Mike Tomlin has said he\’d know who his new starter is when training camp opened. Scott Brown notes the weight Leftwich has lost.

The Ed Bouchette weekly Steelers chat transcript was posted yesterday afternoon for reading. Ed puts to bed the laughable JaMarcus Russell and Terrell Owens talk.

Ohio State rookie outside linebacker Thaddeus Gibson will miss most of the Steelers offseason practices because of a league rule that prohibits undergraduates from taking part in voluntary drills while still in class. Hines Ward is still recovering from a strained hamstring and Troy Polamalu is in California training.

ESPN AFC North blogger James Walker addressed the LaMarr Woodley contract extension on his blog yesterday. Walker points as many of us have to the recent Patrick Willis contract done with the 49ers. Woodley said yesterday he is not concerned about things he has no control over.

Speaking of Woodley, we missed an interview he gave to Jim Rome on the Last Word sometime last week. a reader sent us a link to it and Woodley talks about the steelers offseason among other things.

  • dave

    On the QB rotation – No great shock to me. If the Steelers were really ready to put in Dixon as the starter, they wouldn’t have traded for Leftwich in the first place. Who knows, maybe Leftwich gets hurt or Dixon really outplays him in preseason….? But as of right now, it doesn’t surprise me at all that Leftwich is the #1 QB. That’s what he was brought here to do.

    On Woodley – I read somewhere, I forget where, the big difference between Woodley and Willis is that Willis was a first rounder and his rookie salary was around $2 mil. Woodley’s rookie salary is $460K. So, it’s easier to work around the 30% rule when starting at $2 mil than starting at $460K. The 49ers can still give Willis a base salary of up to $2.6 mil.

    Here’s a question – does the 30% rule still apply after he hits free agency, or does it only apply to the Steelers trying to extend him while he’s still under the current contract? If it still applies after he hits UFA, it will be difficult for any team, not just the Steelers, to sign him without having the bulk of the contract in the form of a signing bonus/guaranteeed money.

  • rob

    Woodly did very well in his responses to the loaded questions that he was asked. Rome who I really don’t care for did everything but ask him if he stopped beating his wife. When asking loaded questions like that one is clearly after sensationalism rather than substance. I am very proud of the way Woodly was surprised with the questions and then answered in a fashion that did not through his teammates or his organization under the bus.

    In addition to being a much better value to the organization than Timmons at this point in his development he seems to be a player that will not embarrass the team with his play or off the field issues and shows a great deal of class. Even if this guy is expensive to sign at the end of the season I think he will be worth it.