Tuesday Steelers Poll Question: Will Stefan Logan make the final 53 man roster?

Sure it is way early. Only one set of mini-camp practices are behind us. The injury to Limas Sweed may have hurt the chances more for Stefan Logan than helped as the Steelers may need to keep a 6th receiver now instead considering the youth and inexperience on the roster. Using your best guess at this point, will Stefan Logan make the final 53 man roster as a specialist?

  • dave

    I think Logan faces an uphill battle to be on the final 53.

  • J.Rob

    We have other players that can fill the spot Logan had last year, and they can play in other areas as well. We may be able to keep an extra running back by letting Logan go. He was a good player but had no other value for us than as a kick returner. He will likely be off to the Canadian football league again, I wish him well.

  • J.Rob

    One other thing to think about right now the Steelers have about ten more players than they are allowed to have for training camp. Sweed may be placed on the injured reserve which frees up one slot. Logan may be released prior to training camp as the rookies begin signing. Ultimately 37 of the ninety players that are on the roster right now or waiting to sign contracts will be cut from the team. It is likely that 10 more will be chopped before training camp unless they are slow at signing their picks.

  • David Law

    Who is going to replace Logan? Randle-El? Wasn’t a return man in Washington. Burnett or Lewis? Weren’t good enough last year, so why make the switch to them this year? Sanders? Doubtful because not a dominant returner in college. Wallace? Too valuable as a starter, much like Santonio Holmes last year. If the Steelers had drafted a legit threat I would say Logan should be worried, but I think not this year.

  • Joe Leadbetter

    They drafted Antonio Brown who was a two time all american punt returner