Steelers Six From Around The Web – Friday June 25th – America Needs Football Edition

Steelers safety Troy Polamalu gave a great interview to Tom Robinson of the Virginian-Pilot while he was in town for the William and Mary football camp. Polamalu said, owners would be selfish to lock out players for the 2011 season saying, “America needs football.

Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall and running backs coach Kirby Wilson helped coach in the four-day football camp in Miesau, Germany. Seems not too many Steeler fans were present.

ESPN is running a poll for the best teams ever of the AFC North teams. AFC North blogger James Walker has a short synopsis of the 1975 Steelers. I wonder if Walker was even born yet. I am glad to say I remember that team of my youth.

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Part 3 of the “Ask the Steelers” segment with rookie running back Jonathan Dwyer is up now. Dwyer says he was assigned #41 as you would expect and says the number does not define him. Great answer.

If you are a member, Dale Lolley has contributed a snapshot article for Scout on undrafted guard Dorian Brooks from from James Madison University. Although he is a long shot to make the final 53 man squad, a great camp could give him a shot at the practice squad.

Although there is no salary cap this season, we have updated our Steelers 2010 Steelers salary cap page to reflect all of the signings of rookies contracts, both drafted and undrafted.

  • steelwheel

    I read your blog daily and I love it. It is the truth that I need as a diehard stiller fan. The thing that I am disturbed by lately is the true illusion that I’m sensing from the Steelers administration. I have this inevitable feeling that we are not truly embedding a foreboding sense of urgency within this team. Be it within the line (either side) or the secondary or the backfield. The uneasy sense of “going through the motions” is beginning to set in for me and tactically it is giving me this emotion that reminds one of 06. There is a sensibility of overconfidence and not enough urgency. Relief of offseason dilemmas is not enough…we need a sense of desire…an anger. I am not happy with the general attitude of this ship right now.