Only Thing Scary About Owens And Ochocinco Are Their Reality Shows

The TO Show has arrived in Cincinnati on Tuesday as free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens signed a one year deal to play for the Bengals in 2010. Owens joins fellow reality TV teammate Chad Ochocinco and the two together look to strike fear into AFC North secondaries. Everywhere in the AFC North except for Pittsburgh, that is. The Steelers have handled both Owens and Ochocinco relatively well respectively over the recent years. Below I have listed Owens stats for his last 2 games versus the Steelers as well as the stats of Chad Ochocinco since 2004 versus Pittsburgh. I stopped at 2004 as it was the last time that at least one of the Steelers current defensive backs faced either of the two players.

In the 2 most recent games Owens has faced the Steelers, he has totaled 10 catches for 85 yards and 1 touchdown. Both games ended in loses for the teams Owens was on. The last time he faced the Steelers was in 2008 when he was with the Cowboys and Owens was shut out through 2 and a half quarters. His lone touchdown and first of only 3 catches on the day, came after a Tony Romo 9 second scramble from the Steelers 12 yard line. Owens was targeted 9 times in that game overall.

Ochocinco has a long history against the Steelers since coming into the league in 2001. In his last 11 games versus the Black and Gold, Chad has totaled 49 catches for 618 yards and just 2 touchdowns. That averages out to less than 4 and a half catches a game for a hair over 56 yards a game average. He also only has 2 career 100 yard games versus the Steelers with the last one coming in 2003. Not very Hall of Fame like numbers for sure.

To add a comparison player, former Bengals receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh fared much better against the Steelers. In just his last 9 games versus the Steelers, T.J. put up 55 catches for 555 yards and 5 touchdowns. Much more productive numbers than Owens and Ochocinco for sure. An even closer look at Ochocinco in games against a starting secondary that included Ike Taylor, Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark, Chad has averaged just 4 catches for 36.5 yards and only scored 1 touchdown in those 4 games combined.

These two guys are also another year older as Owens is 36 and Ochocinco is 32. Recently, Owens did not have a ton of interested suitors in free agency and the Bengals even chose to sign Antonio Bryant over Owens earlier in the free agency period, after both players visited Cincinnati at the same time. Ochocinco is not as elusive as he once was as and his best seasons are clearly behind him. If the news about the bone on bone knee injury to Bryant is true, the Bengals have virtually no experienced receiver other than Andre Caldwell to turn to at the number 3 receiver spot to help loosen up the secondary. All 4 of these guys can be covered in zone even in nickel and dime packages.

The Steelers love to play zone coverages most of the time and with the return of a physical Bryant McFadden at left corner and a healthy Troy Polamalu back in the lineup at strong safety, the scariest thing about both Owens and Ochocinco is having to sit and watch their TV shows back to back on Sunday night. Talk about a scary. The two teamed up together on the Bengals? Not scary at all.

YearPlayer Wk Starting Steelers Secondary Result Targ Rec Yds TD Temp
2008Terrell Owens14Taylor/Gay/Polamalu/ClarkL, 13-209332122° F
2004Terrell Owens9Townsend/Williams/Polamalu/HopeL, 3-2713753063° F
YearPlayer Wk Starting Steelers Secondary Result Targ Rec Yds TD Temp
2009Chad Ochocinco3Taylor/Gay/Carter/ClarkW, 23-2011554065°
2009Chad Ochocinco10Taylor/Gay/Polamalu/ClarkW, 18-127229064°
2008Chad Ochocinco7Taylor/McFadden/Polamalu/ClarkL, 10-3813852156°
2007Chad Ochocinco8Taylor/Townsend/Polamalu/SmithL, 13-249551055°
2007Chad Ochocinco13Taylor/Townsend/Carter/SmithL, 10-2415686048°
2006Chad Ochocinco3Taylor/Townsend/Polamalu/ClarkW, 28-202111069°
2006Chad Ochocinco17Taylor/McFadden/Polamalu/SmithL, 17-236453054°
2005Chad Ochocinco7Taylor/Williams/Polamalu/HopeL, 13-278494047°
2005Chad Ochocinco13Taylor/Townsend/Polamalu/HopeW, 38-3111554030°
2004Chad Ochocinco4Townsend/Scott/Polamalu/HopeL, 17-286454054°
2004Chad Ochocinco11Townsend/Williams/Polamalu/HopeL, 14-1910580150°
YearPlayer Wk Starting Steelers Secondary Result Targ Rec Yds TD Temp
2008T.J. Houshmandzadeh7Taylor/McFadden/Polamalu/ClarkL, 10-389858056°
2008T.J. Houshmandzadeh12Taylor/Gay/Polamalu/ClarkL, 10-2712420032°
2007T.J. Houshmandzadeh8Taylor/Townsend/Polamalu/SmithL, 13-2410781155°
2007T.J. Houshmandzadeh13Taylor/Townsend/Carter/SmithL, 10-2414542048°
2006T.J. Houshmandzadeh3Taylor/Townsend/Polamalu/ClarkW, 28-2010994269°
2006T.J. Houshmandzadeh17Taylor/McFadden/Polamalu/SmithL, 17-2312444054°
2005T.J. Houshmandzadeh7Taylor/Williams/Polamalu/HopeL, 13-2711775047°
2005T.J. Houshmandzadeh13Taylor/Townsend/Polamalu/HopeW, 38-318588230°
2004T.J. Houshmandzadeh4Townsend/Scott/Polamalu/HopeL, 17-2811653054°
2004T.J. Houshmandzadeh11Townsend/Williams/Polamalu/HopeL, 14-194224050°
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