Flozell Adams Revisted Versus The Giants

As promised we have been keeping a good eye on right tackle Flozell Adams during the preseason. We broke down his snaps last week versus the Lions here and below is video of 21 snaps against the Giants on Saturday night. It includes the holding call as well. In reality there were 11 pass plays and 10 running plays. You will see that his run blocking is coming along, and although I see some improvement in his pass blocking it is minuscule. Adams gets beat to the corner by quick athletic pass rushing defensive ends. When he tries to over compensate and get to the edge quicker, pass rushers just swim him by or spin back to the middle. He has to rely totally on his first punch if he gets one to give him time to square off. If he does not get a good first shot in, he is 50/50 to get beat. He tends to tip off passing plays at times as you will see below. The transition from left to right has not been easy for him and we better hope it improves quickly. I am not so worried about his run blocking, but good defensive ends will eat his lunch as well as whatever quarterback he is protecting on passing downs. I will have a Jonathan Scott tape ready shortly as well.

  • VaDave

    Honestly, I’ve seen worse. A lot worse.The question is, do we need to spend $2.5 mil ( and heavens knows how much damages he does to a training table) on a fairly marginal lineman?

  • Ray

    I was actually fairly impressed with Adams last night. I do agree he has trouble with quicker ends but we knew that going in. He just seems to be a little eager to get to the second level. He is a mauler and is going to have a lot of trouble sustaining his blocks when Ben wants to hold onto the ball for 5-7 seconds. I honestly see no reason to cut him though. I am not a big Jonathan Scott fan and with no salary cap why not keep him on the roster. He is certainly better than most of our other offensive linemen. I would like to see Trai Essex at least get some third team snaps at right tackle.